The Cherry Blossom Season

When someone mentions "cherry blossoms", one would think of millions of ravishingly beautiful flowers blossoming on cherry trees, awash in pink and white, swaying delicately in the spring breeze. One would also think of people picnicking in the parks, enjoying their food and games under the trees, intoxicated by the wondrous sight that nature so generously offers.


It's no wonder why so many visitors travel great distances just to enjoy the cherry blossom season. Occurring between the end of March and May after the long winter months, and before the summer's sweltering heat, the cherry blossom season is cherished by both locals and foreigners alike.


Most people would first think of Japan for the season. What is little known is that countries such as Korea and China also offer a similar experience. As the blossoms last only for a short period, it is highly recommended that you plan your trip carefully to coincide with the season.


In this blog, we will concentrate on the three countries where you can see the most splendour display of beauty and colours by blossoming flowers.

Japan is long known to be the forerunner of the Hanami. You can find cherry trees almost everywhere in Japan, but the best places to enjoy the season are Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka. Tokyo usually sees its first blossoms between late March and late April. The Ueno Park and the Shinjuku Gyoen Park are the most popular spots.

With its historical architect and ancient monuments, Kyoto offers a perfectly dreamy backdrop to enjoy cherry blossoms. Many parks here are well known for their blossoms, for instance, Maruyama Park, the World Cultural Heritage site Daigo-ji Temple, the Philosopher's Path and the Imperial Palace Park. Travelling a little further, you'll find yourself immerse in the beauty of Nara Deer Park in Nagoya or the iconic Osaka Castle in Osaka.



Korea is fast becoming a trendy destination to view cherry blossoms. Due to its popularity, Nam Ho offers an 8-day Colourful Korea Cherry Blossom package specially designed for the season. You get to travel to cities such as Jeju, where you can enjoy blossoms at the downtown of  Seogwipo, Jeju University Street and Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and Jinhae, which is known as the Great Cherry Blossom City with more than 22,000 cherry trees.

The tour also takes you to exciting destinations such as Hello Kitty Land theme park, Everland, the fourth largest theme park in the world, as well as shopping trips to Dongdaemun and Myeondong Street.


China offers more than cherry blossoms; in fact, a wide variety of flowers for your admiration. Nam Ho's 8D Shangdong All In Sweet Floral Tour gets you to Mount Tai, also known as "World's First Mountain". It has the world's largest peony garden. There, you can also enjoy other flora such as lilac, begonia, winter jasmine, pear flower, plum flower and peach blossom.


Nam Ho offers various packages to these countries during the cherry blossom season. Visit our website or contact us for more information.


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