Best Places in Europe

Milan, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Lucerne, Amsterdam and Paris – alas, how exotic these places sound! Have you ever wondered what it's like to be at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or cruising on a gondola in Venice? What about spending an afternoon marvelling at the masterpieces in Louvre Museum?


Europe is filled with beauty, wonders and excitement. It is a choice travel destination if you are planning a long holiday. Where are the best places in Europe to visit? And what about the best Europe tour packages in Singapore? Should you visit Central Europe or Eastern Europe? Should you choose an Italy tour package, Switzerland tour package or Paris tour package? Here are some tips to help you plan the best Europe tour ever!


First of all, for Singaporeans who are tired of our tropical climate, the best time to visit Europe is between October and February when the weather there is nice and cold. Winter Europe offers the perfect opportunity for you and your family or friends to experience a magical winter with misty mornings or – if you are lucky – snow gently falling on a scenic landscape. Winter Europe is also an off season to the Europeans, so that means less time spent in the queue for tourist attractions and possibly better bargains at hotels and restaurants. And during the Christmas festive season, most of Europe is transformed into Instagram-worthy winter wonderlands.


Secondly, consider which countries you want to visit. If you are new to Europe, the best places to start are the "must-see" ones such as Italy, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and England. For the adventurous, countries in Central Europe such as Austria, Germany and Belgium, and Eastern Europe such as Croatia, Russia and Slovenia are also increasingly popular.


At Nam Ho, we offer some of the best Europe tour packages in Singapore that let you get the most out of Europe. Our 11-day Let's Go Winter 'See See' Central Europe package includes Milan, Lucerne, Lorraine Region, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.


If you have more time to spare, our 14-day Let's Go Winter Italy, Switzerland, Paris + Cinque Terre tour package offers destinations such as Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Swiss Riviera Montreux, French Riviera and Paris. It also includes a special bonus destination – the UNESCO World Heritage Site Cinque Terre, which features centuries-old seaside villages along the Italian Riviera coastline famed for their colourful houses, vineyards and rustic harbours.


If you wish to focus on a particular country, our 9-day Let's Go CC Italy tour package gets you to the best of Italy, including Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa and Siena. You'll also have a chance to visit Barberino Factory Outlet, where you can select from many designer brands and enjoy savings of 30% to 70%!


With Nam Ho, you will have a chance to visit not only the best places in Europe but also enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, top markets and factory outlets and the best-hidden treasures.


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