Why you should use a travel agency when planning your holiday

When planning for an overseas trip or a vacation, do you often feel confused by the countless online options available? While booking a trip directly online seems convenient (you don't even have to leave your desk!), there are often so many choices out there that you can get bewildered.


That's only one of the many reasons you should use a travel agency in Singapore to plan your next holiday.  Let's look at the other top five.


1. They are cheaper
Consider the various components you need to book for a trip: airfares, hotels, transfer to and from airports, rail passes, city tours, scenery sites, museum tickets, restaurants. They can add up to quite a substantial amount.


Travel agencies often carry some of the best travel packages Singapore has to offer. They are well connected with various airlines, hotels and other hospitality service providers, and have access to benefits that would otherwise not be available to you. Because of economies of scales, their tour packages in Singapore can be cheaper than your DIY effort.


Even if you're just booking a flight, an agent can come up with options that you could never have found on your own through online booking sites. This is because they are experienced and familiar with the airline routes and flight time.


2. They are best for group holiday
Be it a vacation for an extended family, a corporate getaway, or an overseas wedding, you don't want the hassle of coordinating for multiple people. Buying travel packages from Singapore travel agency is much easier. They take care of details such as visas and booking of venues, leaving you completely worry-free.


3. They know the interesting places to visit
If you're an inexperienced traveller or can't decide on your next destination, travel agencies offer suggestions on exotic places to visit, and help you find a suitable tour package from Singapore, based on your requirements such as family-friendly destinations or off-the-beaten-path places.


4. They help you with complicated itineraries
Planning complex itineraries that include multiple stops, airline routings, or hiring a guide/driver can be easily achieved through a travel agency in Singapore. This is especially true for destinations that are unfamiliar or unsafe, such as ancient ruins or safaris. They also advise you on exchange rates, travel insurance, weather, places to avoid, vaccinations, tipping etiquette, and many other things you need to know.


5. Saves you time in planning
Planning a trip can be stressful and time-consuming. While some people enjoy it, others find it a chore. Sure, you can research online reviews of various destinations, but that takes hours. So why not let someone else do planning for you and buy a travel package from a Singapore travel agency?


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