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2011 June
From : Chia Mun Loong
Sent : Friday, June 24 2011 01:09 PM
Subject : Hokkaido Tour

I just return my Hokkaido Tour a couple of days ago


I must say that the tour guide Gigi is fantastic. She makes the tour an enjoyable one for us. Well done!


Chia Mun Loong

From : Charlene Yeong
Sent : Sunday, June 19 2011 12:04 AM
Subject : Commendation for tour guide, Cliff



I am Charlene Yeong from Singapore and have joined the Nam Ho Tours to Hong Kong previously Would like to commend my tour guide, Mr Cliff who brought our group around Hong Kong from the 8th to 12th June.

My mum and I had a wonderful experience and although it was our first time here, Cliff made us felt comfortable and welcomed. He was very professional and knowledgable. Other than the fun we had in Hong Kong, we get to learn many cultural stuff through him. As he was worked as a guide for 28 years, he shared his knowledge about Hong Kong with us through out the trip with  less breaks for himself. This passion of wanting us all to benefit from the trip is really something I want to commend


Unlike other tour groups where we always felt packed and rushed, Cliff has planned and at times rearranged the itinerary to help us enjoy to the max and still feel relax at the same time. As our group has many elderlys but Cliff has always look out for them ensuring their safety especially in those crowded places like Disneyland or Ocean Park as well as getting on board or alighting bus or boats.


Im sure the rest of the tour group felt his care and concern too. My Mum, Ms Irene Tan and I would like to commend him oince again and thank him for this wonderful experience. Hope you would help us pass this email to him in recognition of his hard works all these years.

He really is an asset to your company! (:


Your Sincerely,
Charlene Yeong

From : Wang Wei
Sent : Wednesday, June 15 2011 10:04 PM
Subject : Thank Mei Ling and Amy Zhao

My family attended the Taiwan 7D6N Tour from 06/06 - 12/06.


The guide, Meiling and Tour Leader, Amy Zhao are very good and professional.


Thank their efforts!

From : Doris Ng
Sent : Wednesday, June 15 2011 06:02 PM
Subject : Your Code 06203

Hi Cindy


This is the 1st time me and my family join tour group after 6 years. We have been arranging our own tour for the past 6 years


It was a very pleasure trip and we enjoy it. I must give great complement to our local tour leader, Miss Yan Ping, she was very caring and concerto all of us especially to the old folks (We have 2 old folks in our group including my mom).

I was very impressed on her which incident happened on our 4th day we returned from Lamma Island, it was very heavy rain, most of us didn't bring umbrella (cos we left it in the coach), so she asked those who brought with them to pass thru to the next building (where the bus parked), she followed them and then, she collected the umbrellas from them and walk back to the port to pass to the rest.


During our returned, Cathay sitting arrangment was in a mess! She took her initiative to help us to arrange family to be sitted together ( I think this is very challenging) again, cant pleased everyone but at least, she made an effort to arrange.


Thanks to her!

Best Regards
Doris Ng

From : Rehan
Sent : Sunday, June 05 2011 02:46 PM
Subject : 7D5N Hokkaido



We had a wonderful time in Hokkaido, thanks to Mr Loyd that translate to English for our understanding. He had also look into our request to have vegetarian/seafood meals and made arrangement for special meal for us in the plane international and domestic flight. Thanks to Yan Ling also for assisting us whenever we had any query. Finally we thank you and all others in your company that made the visit possible for us. I wish all of you good health and happiness. God Bless


Thank you and best regards
Rehan & Junita

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