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2011 February
From : Lim Sen Ton Patrick
Sent : Monday, February 28 2011 11:29 AM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear Nam Ho Management,


My wife and myself have been very pleasantly served by your staff, Miss Apple, Miss Orange and Mdm Patsy Leong at the Natas Fair on Sunday Night. 27 February 2011 at about 9.00pm till 9.35pm, in wthich we are the last signing couple. The above staff have shown excellent product knowledge and excellent service provider. I am travelling with 2 senior citizen and one is wheelchair bound.


Staffs have taken down our request and is keen to help us with our travelling difficulties. They have promised to look into the hotel transfers, Thai International Airlines Service for the handicap and the old. Mdm Patsy Leong have given and shared her experiences and offer to look into my handicap needs.


Miss Apple had shown excellent counter service and patience. Miss Orange (Bangkok Girl) have even offered to rush to collect my Chartis gift set as it was near 9.40PM. She also looks into wheelchair bound accessibilities and recommendation. The above shows the various teamworl that comprises as a great team for the external Natas Event.


We are a regular customer of Nam Ho and my family look foward for excellence and promised task from your company again.


Your sincerely,
Lim Sen Ton Patrick

From : Gary Tan Ah Tee
Sent : Wednesday, February 09 2011 05:34 PM
Subject : Your Feedback (Sending in using Feedback Form)

Dear All,


I've joined many tours and always had good impression after experiencing the whole trips. During this Chinese New Year 2011, Ive particularly chosen Nam Ho Travel as the trips highlighted interest me and the programs included food & accommodation, allowing my family and I to enjoy every single moment. However, during the last day (07 February 2011), before my family and I were to proceed to Thai Airport (To check in luggages to send back to Singapore), I realised that my family's all 4  luggages were missing! I panicked and was shocked to think about all my important documents and souvenirs! Immediately, Tour Leader Steven and Tour Guide Santi showed concerns regarding our missing luggages. They are proactive and made endless contacts back to the hotel, hoping to expedite the issue and to bring back our luggages on time for us to check in and board the same flight. They realised that it was the hotel management's fauly, thus tried their best to overcome the hurdle of going back to retrieve the luggages, insisting that hotel staffs to send them to the airport.


On the other hand, Steven said he'll be responsible for in any case of delay that if the luggages were unable to check in with our flight. He said he'll stay back to wait for our belongings and assure that he'll send them back personally to our home address. Luckily in time, we've managed to get back our luggages within the shortest time.


I sincerely thank Steven and Santi for the way they handle the situation. No delays were caused and my family and I were relieved boarding the plane back to Singapore. We had an enjoyable trip and were satisfied with all the arrangements. I wish Nam Ho all the success and wishing everyone a great happy Chinese New Year 2011~


Best regards,
Mr Gary Tan Ah Tee & Family
Tour Code: NH 76 (5 Days Bangkok/Pattaya 03 Feburary 2011 - 07 February 2011)

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