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2010 October
From : Chia Su Lin
Sent : Monday, October 18 2010 05:37 PM
Subject : Request for Cosmo Lim to be our tour guide for Tour Code

Dear Sir/Madam,


My parents have been traveling with Namho since their first honeymoon and have since been impressed with Namho's prompt and efficient services.


I still remembered my first time traveling to Taiwan with Namho in 2008, Cosmo was our tour guide and he created a lasting impression then. The wheels on our travel suitcase got lost in transit and Cosmo accompanied us to get our suitcase repaired and sent it personally down to our place after. Last year when my parents decided to travel to Hong Kong with Namho, they chanced upon Cosmo at the airport and he assisted my parents in their check-in. Cosmo has got to be the most thoughtful, pleasant and friendly tour guide we've ever encountered, be it pre, during or post trip!


Namho has proven itself to be a customer-oriented travel agent and we are absolutely thrilled to be traveling to Hokkaido with Namho next year, and this time, with my aunts and friends too! Cosmo has indeed made a difference and we'll be pleased if he could be our leading tour guide for our trip to Hokkaido next year.


We sincerely hope you'll take our humble request into consideration. Thank you and cheers!

Chia Su Lin

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