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From : Audrey Koh
Sent : Wednesday, September 22 2010 09:07 AM
Subject : Letter of Compliment - Mr Vincent Chu (BK Travel Service Co Ltd)

To Whom this may concern,

My family and I had just returned from an 8 days Korea/ Jeju island tour with great delight and would like to show our appreciation by commending on the local tour guide during our stay in Korea.


Our stay in Korea was a memorable experience made possible by our tour guide, Mr Vincent Chu, from BK Travel Service Co. Ltd. Mr Chu displayed a good knowledge of the areas of attractions and never hesitates to share information about the culture and history of Korea and Jeju Island. His humourous and enthusiastic disposition kept every member in the group well engaged.


Mr Chu’s patience and quality service were greatly portrayed, especially during meal times where he would ensure that every single member in the tour group had their share before he proceeded to have his. I would like to give special compliments on Mr Chu’s efforts to take note of the dietary preference of each member as he would personally see to the need of everyone.


During the trip, he would ensure that we are well taken care. For instance, upon learning that one of my family members has problem with motion sickness, he took the trouble to purchase medication (for external use) for her just before we embark on our flight back to Singapore. The above were just some of the many acts of professionalism and special care which Mr Chu had displayed during our holiday in Korea. To conclude, our stay in Korea was a wonderful experience and it would not have been possible without Mr Chu as our guide.


Heartfelt thanks to Nam Ho Travel for arranging this tour package and Mr Chu for the special attention paid on the logistical details during our travel in Korea!


Best Regards,
Miss Audrey Koh

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