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2010 April
From : Tyng Jau Sim
Sent : Sunday, April 25 2010 03:42 PM
Subject : Letter of Compliments

Attn: Shirley Ong
Company: Nam Ho Travel Service (Singapore) Pte Ltd
From: Sim Tyng Jau
Date: 24th April 2010


RE: Letter of Compliments


Hi Shirley,


I am representing the tour group that went for the 7D Taiwan Tour (Tour code: 04351) that departs Singapore on 16th April and came back on 22nd April 2010. We are very happy about the service that was being provided by Li Ju Fen, Lina. She was the tour guide assigned to us by your appointed tour agency (Polo Holidays) in Taiwan itself. Starting from Day 1, she have shown great professionalism in performing her duties as well as providing us with lots of laughter during the long transit journeys in-between tourists attractions. We could always count on her to make the correct arrangements in a way that all of the tour members could have enough rest at night and sufficient sightseeing hours for the tourist attractions.


She has provided great insights on the history of Taiwan as well as the tourist attractions that we have visited that have allowed us to have more understanding about Taiwan. We have found her to be a friendly and jovial person that was easy to get along for the 7 days while on tour in Taiwan.


In summary, she is a very professional tour guide that never fails to cheer up all the tour members during the journey as well as a great friend to all members of the group.


Next, I would like to compliment Nam Ho for planning such an interesting and value added tour package for us. Please keep up the good work! We will definitely go back to Nam Ho again when planning our next holiday.


Thanks & Best Regards,
Sim T.J.
(Representing all 21 members of the tour group) 

From : Julee
Sent : Wednesday, April 21 2010 09:31 PM
Subject : Thank You for Korea Trip

Hi Shirley,  


Just like to thank NAMHO Travel for the wonderful experience to Korea. Though it was really cold, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The tour guide Mr Zhang is great! very caring and humourous guy. Not forgetting Jennifer, our tour leader n the photographer, Xuan are also very helpful and nice!


Thank you very much NAMHO!  


From : Alvin Tan
Sent : Monday, April 19 2010 12:47 PM
Subject : Commendation of Tour of Taiwan - Mr Chen Ying Chang

To whom it may concern,  


My girlfriend and I have returned recently from my guided trip in Taiwan with great delight and would like to show our appreciation by commending on the tour guide that was assigned for our guided tour around Taiwan.  

Our fantastic experience of the 7 Days 6 Nights round taiwan tour was made even more memorable by the presence of the tour guide that was assigned to us. The tour guide that I am referring to is Mr Chen Ying Chang (from Polo Holidays).  


Knowledge about the island and history of the country are only the bare minimum of what a tour guide should possess. Along with that, it will also comes with the basic warm hospitality that is expected from each and every tour guide. But what makes Mr Chen special is the way he ensures that we felt to be on top priority, at least me and my girlfriend felt that throughout the trip. Although he did not mention how long has he been in this line, we could sense that he is a very well-experience and knowledgable person. One memorable case happen during lunch when we are visiting Sun Moon Lake. The queue was very long for lunch as the restaurant is packed and instead of barking at the restaurant personnels, he took matters into his own hands by cleaning the tables himself and even went into the kitchen to bring the food out for us. This exhibits the initiative of a person and it really shows that Mr Chen is a person who wants to make things happen and not someone who is waiting for things to happen.  


Being able to talk about the attractions that are included in the itinerary is no big deal. But being able to chat about things out of itinerary exhibits knowledge. And through all this chats and introductions of Taiwan, he is able to convince at least me and my girlfriend to persuade others to visit Taiwan. As we did extend my tour, Mr Chen actually gave us advices on the locations of the attractions that I am interested in visiting that were not covered in the itinerary, he even recommended more attractions that we should try visiting during my extended stay. He even went the extra step by offering his help through phone whenever we require it during the extra 4 days in Taipei.  


My experience of Taiwan was great but it was even greatly enhanced by the fact of this particular tour guide, Mr Chen Ying Chang. That is why we would like to say thanks to him by letting others know that he is special and we thank him for the experience that we had.  


Thanks and Best Regards,
Alvin & Madeline  

From : Clara Hui
Sent : Wednesday, April 14 2010 01:12 PM
Subject : Thank-you

Dear Catherine  


On behalf of Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific, I would like to thank you, Jennifer and Nam Ho for organising our 4D3N company trip.  All the staff participated had a wonderful time in Lijiang and Kuming.  


This trip was well planned by you, from itinerary to flight/hotel arrangement to activities.  Last but not least, thank you very much for your kind and prompt attention to our requests prior to departure.  


Best regards
Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Recreation Committee  

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