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From : Stephanie Ng
Sent : Saturday, December 11 2010 02:48 PM
Subject : 6D PEARL RIVER DELTA CX710/715

To Whom It may Concern,


I am one of your customers that just came back last night from the above mentioned tour.


I am writing in to compliment our tour leader, Joyce. Although it is her firs time leading this kind of hectic itinerary, but she has proven herself to be a very responsible and helpful tour leader. She voluteered to look after my three kids in Macau when we visited the Casino and when we went for massage in Shenzhen, she helped to ensure that my additional bed is being delivered to the room and my kids are alright. Most of all, what touched and surprised me was that she actually prepared a gift for my hubby on his birthday which happened to fall on th e third day of the tour. It may not be a very expensive item, but it is her sincerity that counts. She is very patient with my three kids too, she took many pictures for them and offered to email us when she realised that our camera wasn't working.

The whole trip was really tiring and hectic and of course with some hiccups here and there, but im glad to be with a good tour leader. Kindly help me to forward this email to her and her HOD as I did not have a chance to thank her last night


Thank you for your attention

Warmest Regards,
Mrs Cheong Choong Kit & Family

From : Sharon Tan
Sent : Saturday, December 04 2010 01:28 AM
Subject : Letter of Commendation

The Managing Director
Nam Ho Travel Service (Singapore) Pte Ltd
100 Eu Tong Sen Street
Pearl's Centre
Singapore 059812

Dear Sir



I would like to commend your Sales Consultant, Ms Shirley who provided excellent customer service. I enquired about Taiwan tour package. Shirley attended to me and patiently about the 7 days exciting taiwan package. Hence, I have decided to sign up the tour package for my whole family and this is the first time, we signed up with Nam Ho. I strongly believed that Nam Ho will be the first choice if we have plans for future trip.  


We very satisfied with all the arrangement (hotel, food, tour leader & tour guide/bus driver) from beginning to the end of our trip especially out humorous tour leader, Mr William (Du Yao Lian) He is indeed a friendly, caring and responsible tour guide. I believe it will definately helped Nam Ho to be able to attract more customers if the tour guide is good. HE IS REALLY GOOD!  I will definately recommend my friends, colleagues to Nam Ho

Sometimes it's good customer service that matters, especially so for the travel industry. Irene certainly projected a wonderful image for your agency and has won over a loyal customer.


My husband & myself just came back from 7 days beautiful Japan tour which departed on 9 Feb to 14-Feb by SQ.
We are very satisfied with all the arrangement (hotel, food, tour leader & tour guide/bus driver) from beginning to the end of our trip. I would like to thanks our tour guide Ms. Gigi Chaim, she is very outstanding and knowledgeable in her job. She is very patient, present and shown profession in her job.  She is the most outstanding tour guide that I have come across. I will definitely recommend friends to Nam Ho.


Keep up with the good work Gigi. We're group D.

Keep up the good work. Well done!

Yours sincerely
Mr Ng

From : Chia Su Lin
Sent : Monday, October 18 2010 05:37 PM
Subject : Request for Cosmo Lim to be our tour guide for Tour Code

Dear Sir/Madam,


My parents have been traveling with Namho since their first honeymoon and have since been impressed with Namho's prompt and efficient services.


I still remembered my first time traveling to Taiwan with Namho in 2008, Cosmo was our tour guide and he created a lasting impression then. The wheels on our travel suitcase got lost in transit and Cosmo accompanied us to get our suitcase repaired and sent it personally down to our place after. Last year when my parents decided to travel to Hong Kong with Namho, they chanced upon Cosmo at the airport and he assisted my parents in their check-in. Cosmo has got to be the most thoughtful, pleasant and friendly tour guide we've ever encountered, be it pre, during or post trip!


Namho has proven itself to be a customer-oriented travel agent and we are absolutely thrilled to be traveling to Hokkaido with Namho next year, and this time, with my aunts and friends too! Cosmo has indeed made a difference and we'll be pleased if he could be our leading tour guide for our trip to Hokkaido next year.


We sincerely hope you'll take our humble request into consideration. Thank you and cheers!

Chia Su Lin

From : Audrey Koh
Sent : Wednesday, September 22 2010 09:07 AM
Subject : Letter of Compliment - Mr Vincent Chu (BK Travel Service Co Ltd)

To Whom this may concern,

My family and I had just returned from an 8 days Korea/ Jeju island tour with great delight and would like to show our appreciation by commending on the local tour guide during our stay in Korea.


Our stay in Korea was a memorable experience made possible by our tour guide, Mr Vincent Chu, from BK Travel Service Co. Ltd. Mr Chu displayed a good knowledge of the areas of attractions and never hesitates to share information about the culture and history of Korea and Jeju Island. His humourous and enthusiastic disposition kept every member in the group well engaged.


Mr Chu’s patience and quality service were greatly portrayed, especially during meal times where he would ensure that every single member in the tour group had their share before he proceeded to have his. I would like to give special compliments on Mr Chu’s efforts to take note of the dietary preference of each member as he would personally see to the need of everyone.


During the trip, he would ensure that we are well taken care. For instance, upon learning that one of my family members has problem with motion sickness, he took the trouble to purchase medication (for external use) for her just before we embark on our flight back to Singapore. The above were just some of the many acts of professionalism and special care which Mr Chu had displayed during our holiday in Korea. To conclude, our stay in Korea was a wonderful experience and it would not have been possible without Mr Chu as our guide.


Heartfelt thanks to Nam Ho Travel for arranging this tour package and Mr Chu for the special attention paid on the logistical details during our travel in Korea!


Best Regards,
Miss Audrey Koh

From : Tan Puay Hguan
Sent : Tuesday, August 31 2010 03:38 PM
Subject : Feedback

Joey Ng Yoong Ching is a very courteous and patient sales executive who has handled my query pertaining to the Japan (The Golden Route) 7D6N tour professionally during the 1st day of NATAS fair on 27 August. Eventually I signed up for this tour group with the departure date of 4 December 2010

From : SIN POP
Sent : Wednesday, July 07 2010 03:57 PM
Subject : Complimentary Letter

Dear Mr Ooi,


Iam writing on behalf of the group to express our heartfelt thanks for your staff, Mr Ken Ong, for his patience, efficiency and resourcefulness in our recent trip to Desaru (03-04July 2010) It is indeed an asset to have Ken in your team. A BIG thank you to Mr Ken Ong and Nam Ho Travel.


Warmest Regards,
Martha Gei
Thai Airways International Club

From : Frances Hay
Sent : Wednesday, June 30 2010 11:38 AM
Subject : Pulai Springs Resort on 25th June 2010

Hi Miranda,


Just a short note to inform you that we have enjoy your trip to Palau Spring Resort. The tour guide at the fruits plantation Thomas Ang was very informative and jovial, thus making our tour of the plantation enjoyable and interesting. I must comment him for taking the trounle to let us experience the "Juristic Park" ride. The driver Asmi was also very polite and accommodative. Our only complaint is that we have to wait about 4 hours for the extra bed to be delivered to our room at around 11:15pm at night. But the room was quite nice and spacious. Breakfast was good. We will certainly recommend it to other people who wants to visit Pulau Springs Resort for a short weekend getaway

Best Regards

From : Leeac62
Sent : Friday, June 25 2010 10:01 PM
Subject : Thank you for the excellent service

Dear all /Weijie (Aaron)


I, Hay Sok Choo and Family just went for a holiday trip with Nam Ho Travel Service Pte Ltd on 15/6/10 to 21/6/10 to Taiwan and I would like to thank you Weijie(Aaron) (Our Tour Leader), Catherine and Tiffany for your professionial service.


I would also like to ask for a favour from your company. I had left 2 sets of jewellery that I had bought at the gift shop in Hualien-Parkview hotel. The sets are in a envelope consisting 2 sets of Ear rings and 2 bracelets that is left on the dressing table. I know that would be difficult to retrieve it back but if your company can manage to get it back, I would be thankful and remember the excellence in your services of Nam Ho.

Best Regards
Mr Hay

From : Wu How Thian
Sent : Wednesday, June 23 2010 03:28 PM
Subject : Your Feedback - Cambodia

My wife and I went to Cambodia on the 5D4N Nam Ho tour from Jun 13 to 17.


Our tour guide from PTM, Siem Reap, Ms Posy was very knowledgeable and spoke good English. She brief us on the historical facts of the place we are visiting. She look into our every details like umbrellas when it rain and drinking water during the tour. She went out of her way to suggest good photo-taking locations, and will not hesitate to show us places of interest along the way which was outside the itinerary. As it was only my wife and I in Seam Reap, Ms Posy made sure we have great food at each meal. We never feel short-changed in this area even though it was the 2 of us, unlike some tour companies. In short, Ms Posy of PTM, Siem Reap has made our stay in Siem Reap an enjoyable and memorable one. We will definitely recommend Nam Ho to our friends who intends to visit Cambodia. Hopefully, it will be Ms Posy who will guide them round.

From Seam Reap, we went to Pnomh Penh. Our guide was Ms Charma. Although, not as interesting as Ms Posy of Siem Reap, nevetheless she tries her best. She brought us shopping and even bargain on behalf of my wife for purchases made. She too, made our stay in Pnomh Penh enjoyable. Foodwise, we prefer Siem Reap.

Overall, we will recommend Nam Ho strongly for this Cambodia trip because you have got a good local tour company PTM in Cambodia which offers good, English speaking local guides with initiatives.

Thank you for making our short holiday a pleasant and memorable one.

We look forward to our next Nam Ho holiday with eagerness.

Sent : Tuesday, June 22 2010 10:35 AM
Subject : Linktech Resources

Dear Cindy,


14 JUNE NH351 7 Days Enchanting Taiwan


Back and all of us have enjoyed the trip. WELL DONE


Just want to say THANK YOU to MDM LANNY YAO (The Tour Guide), MS JENNIFER KONG (The Tour Group Leader) and MR. TAO (Driver) to provide us the BEST SERVICES / SAFE JOURNEY. And you too!



Ho Wai Fun (Group of 8)


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