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From : Richard Ng
Sent : Tuesday, February 23 2016 02:26 PM
Subject : 3D2N Malacca Private Tour

Dear Edwin,


We had just return from our 3D2N Malacca PrivateTour. (17th to 19th Feb.)
Our family is happy with the whole tour conducter by Malaysia PS service. Driver Mr Azmi & Tour Guide Mr George Lee was very helpful and kind.
We are looking into our next trip this year to Penang somewhere  in July by flight. (PrivateTour).
We will get in touch with you soon.

Thank you.


Best regards,

Richard Ng

From : Eric Chia
Sent : Tuesday, February 16 2016 08:21 PM
Subject : 7D 5N Honshu - 4 -11 Feb

This was the first time my family was touring with Nam Ho and if I were to categorically state the highlight of the whole excursion, I would say that was our tour guide, David Ng. He knew well about the places we were visiting and his lighthearted and anecdotal explanations kept us entertained and often in stitches. He was always there for us, a responsible leader who believed in not leaving anyone behind. We felt comfortable and safe being on tour with him.


And the lowlight? This must have been the last dinner at a barbecue buffet restaurant and David having to leave us earlier, handing us over to another tour guide. The dinner was a disaster, a one-hour affair in an overcrowded restaurant with average food and uncaring restaurant staff. There was no way we could have had a proper meal in an hour, jostling with so many customers. To add insult to injury, we were told to get ready to leave even before our hour was up.

All in all, it was an enjoyable affair for us.

Eric Chia

From : Pei Yun
Sent : Monday, February 15 2016 05:30 PM
Subject : Compliment Letter

Our family of 4 joined the Chinese New Year Tour to Japan under Nam Ho and we really enjoyed the tour despite the sudden change of guide on the 2nd last day and the airport incident. Our tour guide David was of excellent help and he made sure all of us knew the next day’s schedule the night before and he pre-empt us about the weather as well. On the bus, he shared with us the history of Japan and his experiences staying in Japan and all of us enjoyed it. He also shared with us which stall sells the best buns and delicacies and gives us ample time to explore around. He always double checks and makes sure he doesn’t leave anyone behind. Even when he accidently led us the wrong way to the village but he ended up buying a mochi for everyone when we arrive there and he made sure everyone took one. Eventhough he is not very good in English but he tries his best to explain in English for those who are not so proficient in Chinese and it was great effort. Our family would like to express our thanks to David and would love to explore Japan with him again.


Best regards,
Lim Seng San and family

From : Siru Chen
Sent : Monday, February 15 2016 10:27 AM
Subject : Appraisal of CNY tour: 02CNYGZ706\16SQ (7 days tour, 6th Feb to 12th Feb)

Dear Namho Travel,

I am writing this email in praise our tour guide, Lin Chun Fang (Xiao Fang), who ensured that we had a very lovely trip over this Chinese New Year.

Being an overseas student, I do not get much time to spend with my parents over the year and every year, this family trip over CNY is perhaps the only extended period of time I can get to spend with my parents and therefore, very precious to us. The same goes for this year's. This year's trip in particular was very fulfilling and fun, which I have to give much credit to our tour guide.

She was knowledgeable, entertaining and enthusiastic. Although these might be traits that one would expect from a tour guide, she really brought it to the next level and there were hardly any moments when we were not happy.

More than that, the one thing that we really appreciated was how Xiao Fang always went the extra mile to make sure that we were having a good time. Apart from taking the extra time to ensure that we are comfortable with our hotel rooms, she also made the special effort to check with hotels about changing our rooms. This was much appreciated because we normally would only get an additional bed, which can be rather uncomfortable.


Her thoughfulness also extended throughout other parts of the trip. As it was CNY, she suggested some additional options so that we can see some other parts of China that would not normally be accessible to us. These were the parts that I personally loved the best because they were not the usual tourist spots and allowed us to see and taste another side of China.


The optional itinerary included a local fruit farm visit with fruit tasting, an extra Shunde meal (which was excellent and perhaps the best meal of the trip) as well as bringing us to Panyun Lianhua Mountain to see the Mercy Goddess. These were initially not included in the itinerary but she offered them as an option because these were popular places with the locals and that one could really get to experience authentic CNY spirit at those places. They lived up to the promise and we were really glad that we chose to take up the option. It was the cherry on top of a very good trip. In addition, I would also recommend your tour agency to include those places in future itinerary, only because as city dwellers, food lovers and a rather superstitious group of people, I believe Singaporeans would enjoy them.

Lastly, I would also like to thank Namho for arranging such a great trip! This was our first time with you but we will certainly be back for more trips after this truly enjoyable experience!


Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Tan Kwee Cheong, Ho Hwee Eng, Tan Shih Joo

From : Jenny Goh
Sent : Saturday, February 13 2016 03:41 AM
Subject : Tour Code 02JPG7W - 7D 5 N Honshu The Golden Route New Explorer

I just came back on 11 Feb from the above Tour departed Singapore on 4 Feb 2016 via JAL with 2 other friends. We all 3 had a good and enjoyable holiday. Thank you Nam Ho. I reckon our trip was good because we were fortunate to have TAS Guide David Ng with us. David is very friendly and sensitive to our needs.  He plans & organizes things well for us. Good and professional in his dealings. He speaks Mandarin, Malay, English and Chinese dialects so communication is not an issue. He has proven to be knowledgeable and educated us on many things about the Japanese culture, history & their language. He also try to help us understand the Japanese behavior & system. Often he gave us tips and recommendations on what to buy/eat and where to get them. We all appreciate that. Throughout the trip with us he was very patient, helpful and entertaining.  Never a dull moment. It was fun to have him. Our group of 20 like & appreciate him. Some of us was secretly planning a belated birthday celebration for him. Regrettably due to unforeseen circumstances he had to leave us earlier on 10 Feb evening to take over another Indonesian group. Thus, our secret plan to celebrate with him failed ;( 


It will be good that Nam Ho request your TAS partner for David Ng to lead all your Japan Tours ex Singapore. 


Finally, pls help to extend our appreciation to David Ng for his services and also pass on our compliments to TAS about David. He has indeed given us a good experience and good memories to remember for long.


Jenny Goh Li Guek

From : Harry Low
Sent : Friday, February 12 2016 06:45 PM
Subject : Compliment

Good evening !
Tour Code :  02JPG7W  04/16JL
We had a good experience with this recent tour
of Honshu from 04 - 11 Febuary 2016.
I wish to compliment the following individuals who
have provided us good customer service :

1   Nam Ho Tour Executive, Ms Kelly Wong :

      She has very professionally managed our tour reservations,
      patiently answered our queries and tried her best to meet
      our special requests on seating & tour guide.

      One important thing that struck me is that she always returns
      your calls & kept reminding us on what to expect & do before
      and during our tour.

2   TAS Guide, Mr David Ng :   A very friendly & accommodating
       Guide who speaks a few languages & chinese dialects.
       Communication is not a problem as he speaks fair
       English for a non-mandarin speaker like myself.
       David being a Malaysian has no cultural affinity issues
       with us Singaporeans.

        He is a mine of local knowledge and is able to provide
        good insights into Japanese  culture & the Japanese
        psyche so we are able to understand why Japanese
        behave as such.

        I appreciate his freely given tips & recommendations
        on what to buy & try and where to get them.
        Usually tour guides have a mecenary motive when
        recommending shopping & dining.

         Nam Ho should try as much as possible to specify this
         Tour Guide, David Ng, for Nam Ho's Japan tours, especially
         for Nam Ho's Hokkaido tours as he lives in Hokkaido &
         is married to a Hokkaido native -  greater local Hokkaido
         knowledge & cultural insights then.

         Kindly pass on this compliment to TAS.

Mr & Mrs Harry Low

From : Ande and Winnie
Sent : Tuesday, January 26 2016 01:30 PM
Subject : 12JPH7W 18/15SQ

The Manager,


I must say we had enjoyed the Haikkado tour very much. We had a wonderful tour leader,Vanessa Foo, working endlessly to make our trip a very memorable one.
We have some old folks among us and they have been well taken care of by Vanessa.

We miss the return flight from Chitose Airport to Haneda Airport on the 24th because my wife had a stomach ache and had to rush to the toilet.
When we tried to board, the counter has closed.


We were fortunate to have a very good ground support from AirDO airline.
At the same time I would like to thank Vanessa for helping to contact Grace Zhou from TAS to make arrangement for us and getting TAS ground staff to meet us at the arrival and coordinating our bus transfer and check-in at the SIA counter.
It is so precisely done, flawless.
This is an experience we would like to share with travelers.
You have a great team and a excellent partner TAS in Haikkado.
Nam Ho Travel has indeed made my day and it mean a lot to me to be able to get back to Singapore to celebrate Christmas.


Ande and Winnie

From : Katherine Teo
Sent : Wednesday, January 13 2016 07:49 PM
Subject : Compliment letter (Taiwan 12/12/2015 - 19/12/2015)



Thank you for the excellent service your company had provided.
As we didn't have Polo Holidays Taiwan e-mail address, we hope you can assist to forward this e-mail to them to show our appreciation towards the local tour guide Mr Xiao Chen.


Overall, the itinerary was well planned and accommodations and food were good.
Shangrila Leisure Farm and DIY glass blowing cups activity (at Guang Shing Farm) were fun and enjoyable for the young and old.


Having a good tour guide is very important when one join group tour and we were lucky that Xiao Chen is our tour guide.He made a difference to the trip.


Xiao Chen is very enthusiastic. He is friendly, responsible, humble and thoughtful. He made us feel at home.
He is also knowledgeable of Taiwan history and culture and kept us entertained, which is a bonus for joining a group tour.

Before arriving at each attractions, Xiao Chen would share with us what are the things to look out for and what we can do or should not do.


Xiao Chen made sure our time were fully utilised. He wasted no time in planning the next stop. Eg On arrival, we proceeded to Taipei Garden Hotel and not all rooms are ready for check in. Xiao Chen suggested we leave our luggage at the lobby and proceed to Xi Meng Ting (XMT) Night Market.
On the way to XMT, he pointed out various buildings and directions for us (to look out for) if we want to go XMT on our own.


Xiao Chen would explained when (and why) there is a need to start certain days earlier than usual time (eg to beat the crowd when we were going to LeoFoo Village Theme Park since it was school holidays etc).
During meal time, he ensured enough food were served before he went for his.


We would also like to thank the driver for the fantastic job- the rides were smooth.


I would give 9 points out of 10 points for this trip.
Keep it up! Nam Ho Travel, Polo Holidays Taiwan and Mr Xiao Chen.


Also like to thank Mr Lance for patiently going through the itinerary with us and advised us, although it was already close to closing hour when we were at Nam Ho office to make enquiries.
Thank you for your patience, Lance.

Thanks and regards,
Katherine Teo

From : Aichin Goh
Sent : Tuesday, January 05 2016 05:52 PM
Subject : Positive feedback on our recent Hokkaido Winter Fun Trip

Hope that I am sending to the right party, else kindly help to forward. Thank you.

I am writing in regards to the recent Hokkaido Winter Fun trip (7 Days 5 nights dated 16 Dec to 22 Dec 2015) with Nam Ho. It was a very memorable trip. Although it was a very last minute booking, I was glad that the whole trip turned out to be smooth and pleasant. By the way, I was travelling with my mother and 2 children.
Firstly, I would like to give commendation to our guide, Mr David Ng, who is very knowledgeable of Japanese culture and has a good sense of humour. He was able to keep us entertained throughout the trip and my family also learnt many new facts about the Japanese culture and tourist spots in Hokkaido.
The tour group has a number of young kids and elderly and he was most patient and caring towards them. He carried his work with professionalism. For instance, I am grateful that he tried to accede to my son’s last minute request for a change of hotel room.
We were also lucky to have a local guide attached to the group, Hallie. She is pleasant and helpful throughout the trip.

Although we were unable to communicate with the driver, Mr Alaki, who is a Japanese, he was very friendly and kept us safe on the road throughout the whole journey.
I must say that my children usually do not like to follow tour packages, but surprisingly they enjoyed this Hokkaido trip from Nam Ho. I believe the Tour Guide(s) played a very important factor here.
Overall, the itinerary was well planned and we had enough time to have fun and relax. However, it would be better if it was a longer trip.
Kindly help to extend our appreciation to Mr David Ng, Hallie and Mr Alaki - we were pleased and delighted with their services.
Thank you Nam Ho and I will always remember the good experience and memories.

Best regards
Mrs Chua

From : Tay Thomas
Sent : Thursday, December 31 2015 03:45 PM
Subject : Compliment

Hi Mr. Desmond
Like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your excellent service rendered in our last trip to China in Nov 2015 in particularly for accompanying me and my daughter to the shopping centre on the last night of the trip
All the best in coming year 2016
Ms Chua