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From : Katherine Teo
Sent : Wednesday, January 13 2016 07:49 PM
Subject : Compliment letter (Taiwan 12/12/2015 - 19/12/2015)



Thank you for the excellent service your company had provided.
As we didn't have Polo Holidays Taiwan e-mail address, we hope you can assist to forward this e-mail to them to show our appreciation towards the local tour guide Mr Xiao Chen.


Overall, the itinerary was well planned and accommodations and food were good.
Shangrila Leisure Farm and DIY glass blowing cups activity (at Guang Shing Farm) were fun and enjoyable for the young and old.


Having a good tour guide is very important when one join group tour and we were lucky that Xiao Chen is our tour guide.He made a difference to the trip.


Xiao Chen is very enthusiastic. He is friendly, responsible, humble and thoughtful. He made us feel at home.
He is also knowledgeable of Taiwan history and culture and kept us entertained, which is a bonus for joining a group tour.

Before arriving at each attractions, Xiao Chen would share with us what are the things to look out for and what we can do or should not do.


Xiao Chen made sure our time were fully utilised. He wasted no time in planning the next stop. Eg On arrival, we proceeded to Taipei Garden Hotel and not all rooms are ready for check in. Xiao Chen suggested we leave our luggage at the lobby and proceed to Xi Meng Ting (XMT) Night Market.
On the way to XMT, he pointed out various buildings and directions for us (to look out for) if we want to go XMT on our own.


Xiao Chen would explained when (and why) there is a need to start certain days earlier than usual time (eg to beat the crowd when we were going to LeoFoo Village Theme Park since it was school holidays etc).
During meal time, he ensured enough food were served before he went for his.


We would also like to thank the driver for the fantastic job- the rides were smooth.


I would give 9 points out of 10 points for this trip.
Keep it up! Nam Ho Travel, Polo Holidays Taiwan and Mr Xiao Chen.


Also like to thank Mr Lance for patiently going through the itinerary with us and advised us, although it was already close to closing hour when we were at Nam Ho office to make enquiries.
Thank you for your patience, Lance.

Thanks and regards,
Katherine Teo

From : Aichin Goh
Sent : Tuesday, January 05 2016 05:52 PM
Subject : Positive feedback on our recent Hokkaido Winter Fun Trip

Hope that I am sending to the right party, else kindly help to forward. Thank you.

I am writing in regards to the recent Hokkaido Winter Fun trip (7 Days 5 nights dated 16 Dec to 22 Dec 2015) with Nam Ho. It was a very memorable trip. Although it was a very last minute booking, I was glad that the whole trip turned out to be smooth and pleasant. By the way, I was travelling with my mother and 2 children.
Firstly, I would like to give commendation to our guide, Mr David Ng, who is very knowledgeable of Japanese culture and has a good sense of humour. He was able to keep us entertained throughout the trip and my family also learnt many new facts about the Japanese culture and tourist spots in Hokkaido.
The tour group has a number of young kids and elderly and he was most patient and caring towards them. He carried his work with professionalism. For instance, I am grateful that he tried to accede to my son’s last minute request for a change of hotel room.
We were also lucky to have a local guide attached to the group, Hallie. She is pleasant and helpful throughout the trip.

Although we were unable to communicate with the driver, Mr Alaki, who is a Japanese, he was very friendly and kept us safe on the road throughout the whole journey.
I must say that my children usually do not like to follow tour packages, but surprisingly they enjoyed this Hokkaido trip from Nam Ho. I believe the Tour Guide(s) played a very important factor here.
Overall, the itinerary was well planned and we had enough time to have fun and relax. However, it would be better if it was a longer trip.
Kindly help to extend our appreciation to Mr David Ng, Hallie and Mr Alaki - we were pleased and delighted with their services.
Thank you Nam Ho and I will always remember the good experience and memories.

Best regards
Mrs Chua

From : Tay Thomas
Sent : Thursday, December 31 2015 03:45 PM
Subject : Compliment

Hi Mr. Desmond
Like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your excellent service rendered in our last trip to China in Nov 2015 in particularly for accompanying me and my daughter to the shopping centre on the last night of the trip
All the best in coming year 2016
Ms Chua

From : Elizabeth Lynn
Sent : Friday, December 25 2015 03:31 PM
Subject : Private 1 Johor Day Tour

Dear Xiao Ming:


This is a note of appreciation and thanks for the excellent service provided by your company.  On December 21 2015,  Nam Ho Travel hosted a private tour of Malaysia, picking us up and dropping us back at our hotel.  We enjoyed our visit thoroughly, from the batik painting to the expert no-worry travel in Singapore and Malaysia.  Your tour guide and bus driver were knowledgeable and pleasant which set a lovely tone throughout the entire tour.


Thank you for working so hard with our relative, Chin Min, to create such an enjoyable bespoke Day Tour.  What was much appreciated that your staff were able to adjust the tour to our personal desires as the day progressed.  This is a luxury that would not have been possible without a custom-made vacation.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and New Year.


Elizabeth Lynn

From : Lin Qianxia
Sent : Monday, December 21 2015 12:01 AM
Subject : Letter of Compliment for our Hokkaido Tour Guide and Driver

To: The Person-In-Charge

This was our first tour with Nam Ho Travel and we were pleased that we made the right choice.
We joined the 9D Hokkaido Winter Wondrous tour from 7th December 2015 to 15th December 2015 and Mr Yony was our tour guide.

First of all, the itinerary was very well planned and is suitable for both old and young like our tour group. Perhaps one of the feedback was to have 2 nights stay at Rusutsu Resort instead of 1 so that we can have sufficient time to enjoy the facilities.


Mr Yony being a very responsible tour guide always verified all the opening hours of the places we were visiting before reaching the destination. Also, he make sure that our time were fully utilized. Not forgetting his great knowledge on the history of Japan that brighten up the boring coach ride. Mr Yony has shown great patience and assistance to us throughout the trip.

Our coach driver did a fantastic job as well. The rides were safe and smooth and that allowed us to rest well during the ride.

Apart from that, he was very thoughtful too. I remember that all of us bought several local snacks which were packed into the carton boxes and were loaded in the luggage compartment. The next day we got to know that he shifted all the carton boxes to the seats instead as he was worried that our goodies will be smashed during the ride after we unloaded our luggage to the hotel. He has indeed gone an extra mile in providing a better service for us.


Both my husband and my 4 year old son enjoyed the trip very much and we will definitely recommend Nam Ho Travel to our friends and family.


Thank you.

Lin Qianxia

From : Stella Tang
Sent : Monday, December 21 2015 05:08 PM
Subject : Feedback on Hong Kong Trip

Hi, Grace

Thanks for arranging Hong Kong tour agent for this trip.  Very good service, very friendly tour guide.

We enjoyed very much.  Choosing Nam Ho Travel is a correct choice.

Thanks a lot
Stella Tang

From : Steven H
Sent : Tuesday, November 17 2015 09:55 PM
Subject : Appreciation of Service

Every year, my wife and myself will at least go for a long and a short holiday. This year, we joined your company's tour for our Japan trip on 10 Nov to 17 Nov.

I want to thank you for the wonderful service that you and Catherine have given to me and the tour group, to make this holiday the most joyous one.

I hoped that your company is aware of this wonderful effort that you and Catherine have put in for us. And because of this great service that we received, my future holiday will be with Nam Ho. You can also trust that all my friends will come to know about Nam Ho, you and Catherine if they want to go for holiday.

Once again thank you and see u next year.
Take care and all the best to you.

From : Francis
Sent : Thursday, April 16 2015 03:56 PM
Subject : A.S Phoon / Perth Tour

Hi Danica / Dionn

On behalf of all colleagues from A.S.Phoon Pte Ltd, we thank you for having us and looking forward for more trip with your agency.

Francis Phoon

From : Meijuan
Sent : Thursday, April 16 2015 04:34 PM
Subject : A.S. Phoon / Perth Tour

Dear Danica,


I would like to thank you too for assisting us and being there with us throughout the whole trip in Perth. All our stuff had an awesome experience and enjoy ourselves during our stay. We hope and looking forward to see you again soon.


Thank you.


From : Tan Check Seng
Sent : Monday, January 19 2015 10:06 AM
Subject : 6D5N China Private Incentive Tour

I would like to thank Nam Ho Travel Service SIngapore Pte Ltd for arranging the private land tour of Hainan Island for the period 3 January 2015 to 8 January 2015.


My family of eleven(11) really enjoyed the stay at Hainan Island. The tour leader, Ms Wang Hailan(Ah Lian) took good care of us during the tour. We had a few senior citizens in the group and Ms Wang was very considerate by arranging the itinerary to suit our physcial constraints. She is also very knowledgeable and gave useful tips during the tour. The accommodations provided were comfortable and the food was good. 


Special thanks also to Ms Dionn Song for co-coordinating with your Hainan Island partner.


Many thanks once again.


Yours faithfully,

Tan Check Seng