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If our service has put a smile on your face, we'd like to hear from you too! Either way, we value your opinion and want to understand how we can constantly improve. Leave us your feedback and be assured that we will carefully review all suggestions as we believe that they are our most valuable asset.
From : Priscilia Soo
Sent : Tuesday, August 22 2017 10:55 AM
Subject : Tour code 08KR8IPJ09/17OZ Compliment Korea tour guide Mr Park Zheng Hun & Nam Ho staff Grace Cao

8D6N Inspiring Korea- 9 Aug to 16 Aug 2017


I wish to comment on Nam Ho professionalism service.The sales staff-Grace, is very friendly and helpful while attending to us. She gave clear and detailed instruction about the trip.

Our travel companions are extremely happy & satisfied with the itinerary and accommodations arranged.

Please give  , Mr Park Zheng Hun -Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service Co Ltd.
Our tour guide -Mr Park is extremely attentive and formed a good bond with us. He worked above and beyond any requirements and the trip was a great success because of his charming personality. We had a wonderful adventure with him and would definitely recommend him to our friends.

Please direct this compliment feedback to his company so that they are aware of the good tour guide.


Priscilia Soo

From : Lilian Lim
Sent : Monday, August 21 2017 05:20 AM
Subject : Hokkaido Tour Guide - Grace / Zhou Yan

Dear Kovan

I am writing in to commend about our superb tour guide "小燕" who took care of our tour group from Singapore (arrival into Hokkaido on 7 Aug'19).

Being frequent travelers in packaged tours - this extraordinary tour guide has stood out different from the others. Below pls find summary of her commendable performance observed by the whole group of us (24 members) :

- she remembers all our different diet preferences, no mistake in any situation;

- she plans very well in our itinerary, never once we had too little time to spend or too much time to wait at each location;

- she communicates very well, with repetitions and emphasis on every important point she made to ensure we noted accordingly;

- she has great patience, always listening and attending to our big/small problems without any signs of anger or irritations;

- she is on time always, she made sure she was the first to arrive at agreed time in every meet;

- she interpreted (with initiative/goodwill), the Japanese performances we watched as our group couldn't understand a word of Japanese;

- she is very responsible. She diligently provide us with her room number every night and picks up her mobile every time when anyone of us calls;

- she settles us in during each meal time, explaining how we should be eating and attending to all our little requests such as sauces, chillies, pepper, wasabi, or even additional bowls/plates or utensils;

- she doesn't hard sell. During times of optional purchases, she did her job to offer the additional opportunity for us to taste the local Kobe beef n abalone (which were really good!), or even the titbits n accessories not commonly found at the places we went, none of the times she express any signs of persuasion but just left it to us to revert to her directly;

- she gave us space, though she spoke alot to share with us her wealth of knowledge on the Japanese culture and Hokkaido's history, she does consciously observe her audience's interests - e.g. when majority of us fell asleep after meal time, she will pause for a while for us to take a short nap before we arrive at next destination; &

- she is extremely organized. Even on our last day before departure, she rearranged our messed-up group seats and placed us back together with our family members ... DOUBLE THUMBS-UP!

Please do convey to her employer for this extraordinary staff they have - she deserves full recognition, and am sure she made up a big part of our very wonderful memories of gorgeous Hokkaido!

Best Regards

Lilian Lim
Tour Member
Hokkaido via Nam Ho 6-13 Aug'17

From : Serene Pang
Sent : Sunday, July 16 2017 03:50 PM
Subject : 06KR8IPJ29/17KE

Hi Lance,


Hope this email finds you well.  We wish to comment on Nam Ho's professionalism and the services rendered.  They greatly exceeded our expectations.  Your great service & informative tips to guide us through our Korea trip are praise-worthy. 


Not forgetting our Korean guide Lee Zheng Jun, he was extremely attentive and takes pride in making sure all of us enjoyed our trip, from our well-being to our safety.  He is knowledgeable, entertaining and made all of us feel very welcome to visit his homeland.  We learn a lot of Korean culture, history and habits from him.  He shared many personal stories and formed a close bond with all of us.  Even the other families had grown close to him within those few days.  I strongly believe our Korea trip was a great success because of his effable & charming personality and would definitely encourage Nam Ho to select him for more of Korea trips! 


With all the above, we look forward to visiting Korea again in future!  Keep up the good work, Nam Ho!

Thank you Lance & Lee Zheng Jun, we will treasure and always remember this trip with very fond memories!

From : Gan Chew Heong
Sent : Wednesday, April 05 2017 05:52 PM
Subject : Commendation Letter For 8DITaiwan Travel on 29th March - 5th April 2017

Dear Sir/Mdm,

1. I am Mdm Gan Chew Heong, one of the participant of the travel group on this date, and I am writing in to thank the tour agency for such a wonderful trip. This is my first time travelling with Nam Ho Agency and throughout the journey, my team members and I were very pleased with the accommodation and food provided. The itinerary was well planned and there was sufficient breaks in between whereby it was not too rush for all of us. Compared to other agencies we have went to, we feel that the experience with Nam Ho is one of the best we have had. This trip to Taiwan was satisfactory and I am very thankful to you guys.

2. Here I would also like to specially commend the tour guide, Mr 许明义 from Polo Holidays CO LTD, for being so patient, enthusiastic and thoughtful. He was very attententive to all of us, making sure that we are joyful throughout the journey. His presence made us felt comfortable and calm. Most of the people in the group are the elderly and he took very good care of an elderly who had difficulty moving around, displaying his compassion.

3. Unfortunately, I fell ill for a few days due to the weather and upon knowing, he attended to me immediately  and constantly making sure that I am feeling well throughout the journey. He is a very good Tour guide, a very good friend and a very good person. Here, I would like to thank him for his help and if opportunity arises, I will join Nam Ho agency for future tour trips. Thank you.


Gan Chew Heong

From : Jackson & Mingli
Sent : Tuesday, April 04 2017 05:26 PM
Subject : A compliment - Thumbs up to tour guide Desmond Soh

Dear sir/madam


My hubby and I had enjoyed the 4d3n tour with Nam Ho to Bangkok/Khaoyai departing on 30 March 2017. We would like to express our sincere Thanks to your tour guide Mr Desmond Soh.


During the trip Desmond had went extra miles to help us with our needs. What impressed us is his personal touch. Upon returning to SIN he had collected our luggage and waited patiently for us at the conveyor belt while my hubby and I are busy shopping at DFS and we were actually the last two members to collect our luggage. He ensure that we clear the custom smoothly and reminded us to check on our luggage condition to see if any defects before leaving.


Honestly I don't remember experience such personal touch or professionalism with other tour agency. Usually the minute we touched down SIN is like that's it. No words of thank you and goodbye.

Thanks Desmond for your help, appreciate :) Do let us know upcoming if there is a good deal to Taiwan around Sept.

Best regards
Jackson & Mingli

From : Nicole Ang
Sent : Tuesday, February 21 2017 04:51 PM
Subject : Feedback on tour led by Happiness Kingdom


Recently went to Bhutan organised by Nam Ho Travel and led by tour guide from Bhutan from Happiness Kingdom from 29th Jan to 4th Feb. 


Here is the feedback for the tour guide and driver.


The tour was led by one of your tour agent, Mr Tenpa Soham and driver, Mr Jigme.


Would like to give my compliment to these two guys.


Mr Tenpa is a friendly, helpful guide. He really can mix well with all the members in our tours, a mixture of different ages. Young or old, he can get along with them.


He even give a piggyback ride to one of the youngest member down from the mountain climbing. He even help an elder lady to climb the tiger nest. Holding her hand and helps her in every steps up the hundreds over steps. He makes sure that all are safe and sound.


He really knows all his history facts well. Well explained. Keep us informed what attire to wear for the weather that is expecting to be cold. After sending us to airport, even ask us to text him for safe arrival in Singapore.  Just want to make sure we land safely.


Would recommend him to led for more tour groups around bhutan.


Jigme - He is really a super, skillful driver. The way he drives really put you in peace. Expecially going up the mountain on the narrow pathway. He really very skillful. Keep his bus very clean. He is a quite man. Guess his duty is to get all passengers to the place safely and thus concentration fully while driving.


Would recommend him to drive for more tour group around bhutan.


Thumb up to both of them.  Keep up the good works.


Would Nam Ho direct this complimentary feedback to happiness Kingdom so that they are aware of the two good staffs.



Nicole Ang.

From : Joey Low Jih Kok
Sent : Monday, February 20 2017 12:34 PM
Subject : Compliment - Edwin


Juz wanna thank the team and provide some +ve feedback on my recent tour with LGE with guide from Nam Ho – Edwin (9362 4967).

Had a wonderful and memorable experience during my recent tour (12D WINTER AURORA FINLAND/NORWAY; DEPARTURE DATE: 08 FEB 2017) and wanna give a compliment to our tour manager Edwin (from Nam Ho).

Edwin is a very responsible, knowledgeable and committed tour manager. His outgoing and pleasant personality has left a very good impression with my group. He carried himself very well and also a good rep for your company. I am personally very impressed with his passion and the willingness to go the extra mile to make this trip as memorable as possible. He also can think on his feet very well and one good example is he organized a surprise birthday celebration for one of our tour member on Valentine’s day! He is able to bring the whole group together and neverlet anyone of us feel left out.

Had travel with other guided tours as well and Edwin in my opinion is one (if not) the best so far. He is always the last to go (even on the last day when we landed) and the first to arrive. One final thing to highlight is he sacrifices himself to look after all our luggage so that the rest of us can enjoy ourselves. Well, some may say that is his job but in my opinion, he has gone many many extra miles in order to let us enjoy our trip.

He is definitely an asset to your organization and someone who can delivery good customer experience.

I will definite share my pleasant experience to all my friends.

Thx for your attention.

Joey Low Jih Kok
(On behalf of group 3)

From : Joseph Lim
Sent : Thursday, February 02 2017 12:00 AM
Subject : Appraisal email for Miss Yanli

Dear Sir / Mdm,


My name is Lim Tien Soon / Joseph (S7703701B)

I am one of the tourists of the package tour to Guangzhou from 27 Jan to 31 Jan 2017.

Miss Yanli is the Singapore's tour guide from Nam Ho to follow us throughout the 5 days 4 nights China's Guang zhou 's CNY Trip.


On behalf of my parent (Lim Tuan Hok & Tan Ka Chu) and myself, I will like to appraise Yanli for her professionalism and amicable character.


A few feedbacks about Yanli on why I believe she has proven herself to be a great tour guide and asset to Nam Ho.


1) My mother accidentally misplaced her passport somewhere on the first day of tour and she was very panicked. YanLi immediately rendered her assistance in helping us to contact the driver to open the coach for us to do a thorough check again on all our bags while assuring my mother that all will be fine. We found the passport hidden deep in one of the pockets of her bag.


2) On every boarding's of the coach after sightseeing and gatherings, Yanli will count all the man strength to ensure every members are around.


3) She and the China Tour guide (Ah Sam) will go from one table to another to see whether do we have enough to eat and whether all the dishes are appropriately been dished out by the waiters.


4) She will personally ensure that all members of our team have our luggages sent to our hotel rooms.


5) She will standby herself on the pedestal step of the coach during boarding and alighting to give older folks a helping hand to come down or go up into the coach safely.


6) Last but not the least, she personally went back to the 3rd hotel herself with the coach driver during the crew tour on Zhu Hai Boat (all team members are safely on the cruise boat @ Zhu Hai) to put our luggage first in the hotel rooms because it would be very late when we finished the boat cruise that day. She tried to save some times for us so that we can rest early.


This, thoroughly, show her experience in taking care old folks and knowing the needs of tourists who love traveling with Nam Ho.


We appreciate her and will love to travel with her in Nam Ho again.

Please send my warmest appreciation and thankfulness to her too.

All of us in this tour group have a great time in Guangzhou.

Thank you Nam Ho and Yanli.

Happy Lunar New Year to you.


With Kind Regards,

Joseph Lim

From : Tay Bee Hoon
Sent : Saturday, December 31 2016 12:00 AM
Subject : 12JPH7W 17/16SQ -COMPLIMENTS

Hi, i am writing this mail to compliment Mr 商san for his commitment and dedication as a tour guide for my Japan Hokkaido tour recently. My Hokkaido tour started on 18 Dec 16 and ended on 23 Dec 16. My Singapore tour agency is Nam Ho.


During the tour, he had been exceptional. He was responsible and very committed. He always tried his best to accommodate our requests and helped every tour members. He will always explained in great details in the bus to the tour members whenever we were on the way to a destination. To be honest, he was one of the best tour guides that i have encountered.


Due to the snow storm, we were stranded in Hokkaido till Christmas day which we supposed to fly off on 23 Dec 16. During the stranded period, he tried to solve our flight problems and even drove at least 10 times to and fro hotels to send the tour members and luggage to the next hotel. His dedication and responsible attitude really worth mentioning.


My family would like to extend our appreciation to Mr 商san during the trip. My family and i had a memorable tour even though we were stranded for two days in Hokkaido.

I also want to congratulate TAS for having such a dedicated tour guide. I would appreciate if you could extend my deepest appreciation to Mr Mr 商san. I will recommend TAS to my friends and i will tour Japan using TAS services in future.


Thank you.

From : Alan Yong LK
Sent : Friday, December 30 2016 01:57 PM
Subject : Thank you Letter



We are writing this letter to say THANK YOU to both NAM HO TRAVEL SINGAPORE and  HUNG ANH TRAVEL VIETNAM for helping us during the period where my mother was critically ill while touring HANOI from 8 Dec till 12 Dec. 2016.

We want to extend our thank to HUNG ANH TRAVEL VIETNEM, who had given us all the necessary most needed help during the period where mother’s was ill while receiving medical treatment at the ICU of HOSPITAL FRANCE HANOI particularly to Ms. Linda and Mr. Son, who had given the most warmest help ever during our difficult time in Hanoi; they had reacted swiftly in response to this emergency situation from 9 Dec. till 20 Dec. 2016.
From the support at Singapore Nam Ho Travel office, we want to express sincere Thank to your Ms. Catherine, who had handled very well and relentlessly from the Singapore end.

We are grade to convey our good news to you that my mother is now recovering and continue receiving medical treatment in a normal ward in SINGAPORE NUH HOSPITAL; her illness is now stable and has improved optimistically and we hope that she could be out of the hospital soon.

THANK YOU to your kindness and wish you all HEALTHY, PROSPER AND HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Once again we would like to express our greatest thank you to you particularly to:
1) Ms. Linda
2) Mr. Son
3) Ms. Catherine


Most Faithfully,
Yong LK, family and Tour Group from Nam Ho Travel Singapore