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From : Lena Lim
Sent : Sunday, April 14 2019 09:06 AM
Subject : Thank You for the Tour Guide

Hi Nam Ho,


I would like to let you know that my Dad and I sincerely appreciate the outstanding service our Tour Guide, Mr Stephen Lee Zheng Jun, has provided during our 8D Iconic Korea - Cherry tour organized by Namho, departure date, 30th March 2019.

We were really impressed with Mr Lee's excellent quality customer service he provided. It was really top notch! He was attentive to the needs of each and everyone, especially the elderly, making sure they were comfortable and not being left out before of their age. He was always ensuring we had enough to eat, filling up our plates before he had his meals.

I am most impressed with his responsiveness and level of professionalism. Once, I went to the convenient store and left my elderly dad in the hotel room, awaiting for hotel to repair the shower head, Mr Lee actually came back to our room, checked on the repair status and whats app me to let me know the completion before he headed home. He was always patient and reachable as we texted him frequently to check on assembly time because we tend to forget as it was different daily.

Tour guides do make or break experience on packaged tour group and it is such type of customer service provided by Mr Lee that has helped changed my mind about packaged tour. Please help to convey this message to Mr Lee and his company because they deserved to know that his work is being valued by tour participants. Thank you.

Best Regards,

From : Livia Lim Wee Kuan
Sent : Monday, April 01 2019 05:10 PM
Subject : Compliment to Ms Coco Han, Korea Tour Guide

Dear Nam Ho team,


We have 4 paxs (my sisters and myself) joined the 8D Inspiring Korea (Busan + Jeju) KR8IPJ.


Depart for Seoul on Saturday, 23-March
Return to Singapore on Friday, 29-March


We have enjoyed our trip tremendously, all these has to do with Ms Coco Han, our tour guide for the trip. She is the WORLD BEST tour guide I ever had, she deserved a No. 1 top tour guide award.


She has made our trip enjoyable by providing us with all the historical history of the places we visit, she is very candid and made sure all the group of 30 ppls ate well and settled down during meals time before she ate her meals. She even took the initiative, out of her own pocket, to buy fruits, drinks, coffee, bananas milk shake for our tour group so we have opportunity to try the speciality of Korea. She is doing all these out of her sincerity and responsibility. She is so professional that she always think a few steps ahead and gave us very good advice, be it photography, meals, shopping, our safety etc. We all valued her hardwork, professionalism, very knowledgeable, understanding etc. One of my older sisters is not well, just discharged from hospital, Coco noticed that and pay extra attention on my sister.


Throughout the whole trip, she is always smiling and also speaks to us with a smile. A few of our tour group were so unhappy with some children and their parents who always making so much noises during the trip that we were so annoyed with them. Coco took the initiative to speak to those parents and when we returned to hotel, continuously a few days, she took the kids to convenient stores to buy ice cream or biscuits as a reward to them for not making so much noise during the journey. The situation has improved tremendously. She solved the problems very democratically, 2 thumbs up for her professionalism.


Last but not least, we also like to compliment our tour leader, Ms Liu Yan Ping, who is also very professional and try to solve our complaints, especially on those kids and their inconsiderate family members. She is fun to be around and super helpful.


We are now thinking of making another trip to Korea next year, hopefully to have Ms Coco Han and Ms Liu Yan Ping as our tour guide and tour leader once again.

From : Elaine Soh
Sent : Monday, April 01 2019 02:23 PM
Subject : Korea Tour guides Commendations (Tour Code : 03KR8IPJ23/ 190ZH)

Dear HR personnel,


I would like to inform you of three distinguished member of staffs you have in Liu YanPing (Singapore Tour Leader), Coco Han (Korea Tour  Guide) and Jayden Jin (Korea Intern Guide) on our recent trip to Korea during the period of 22 March till 30 March 2019.


To begin with our Singapore representative tour leader, Jessica had always been patient when dealing with problems arising  Her calm manner was just what was needed when some of us tour members were becoming increasingly frustrated with certain fellow tour members.


Our Korea representative tour guide, Coco was very informative on all matters concerning Korea. From historical events to current economy as well as social affairs. I must commend that during this trip we have learned a lot more of Korea and understood it better. I must say she's one of the most outstanding tour guide I've come across.

Dealing with a group of 30 tourists can be imaginable as stressful, yet all of them were calm and quick to ensure everyone was comfortable. From having our meals, accommodations to our plane seating arrangements they took care of everything smoothly.


I will like to also show my appreciation to them having painstakingly sought for vegetarian meals In Korea where I understand isn’t common. Another highlight will be the satisfying meals that were provided throughout the trip. I must say we were all pretty well fed with well picked Korean cuisines.Fresh cut fruits prepared by our tour guides which were not inclusive in restaurants were also served during our meals. This kind gesture has shown us the sincerity of them.


All of them really worked above and beyond any requirement. With employees like them on your staff role, I am sure that Nam Ho Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd  will go from strength to strength. Nam Ho travel services will be my first choice in all future tour package.

From : Katherine Quek
Sent : Tuesday, December 18 2018 06:02 PM
Subject : Bangkok Tour (12-16 Dec 2018) T/L: Mr Robin Low

Dear Nam Ho Agency,

Thank you for the good service that Namho had accorded to us for the above tour. We are happy with the hotels, the food and most importantly, the tour leader Robin.
and we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Robin for their friendly, great patience and great services through out the whole journey with us!! 


At the restaurant, he would not go and have his meal till we are 80-90% into our meals. We are so touched that he is always serving us and taking a quick bite only towards the end.
He looked into the details of our flight seating and he was very detail handling our departure at the airport in terms of checking in.

We are really happy with his service and glad that we had him as our tour leader.

He are more like our friends rather than a tour leader! We hope to travel with you soon..




From : Leny & family
Sent : Tuesday, December 11 2018 02:13 PM
Subject : South Korea (2 Nov - 04 Dec 2018) T/G: Mr. Stephen Lee
Dear Namho & Yanping, My family and I just came back from Korea trip. We flew to Korea on 26th Nov reaching back Spore on the 4th Dec which ended our holiday. I like to take this opportunity to thank NamHo for organising the holidays and made our time to Korea easy and enjoyable. Especially to the Korea tour guide, Stephen Lee. Not only he is funny, but he is such a sincere person. He can speak some Chinese with some Korean slang. But his extra service eg help us call delivery fried chicken
From : Fannie Tan
Sent : Monday, December 10 2018 10:34 AM
Subject : Feedback on the Korea Tour (24/11/18 - 1/12/18)

Dear Cindy


Thank you for the good service that Namho had accorded to us for the above tour. We are happy with the hotels, the food and most importantly, the tour guide Cheon Il Kwon (千一权 ).

小千 is very responsible, knowledgeable and entertaining. He provided us with good information on the places of interest, and at the same time gave us enough time to rest on the coach when he noticed that we were tired.

At the restaurant, he always ensured that we had enough food and even assisted in topping up dishes, soup etc. He would not go and have his meal till we are 80-90% into our meals. We are so touched that he is always serving us and taking a quick bite only towards the end.

He would ensure that our hotel rooms were fine without fail every night.

He looked into the details of our flight seating and ensured that we had our requested aisle seats and he was very detail handling our departure at the airport in terms of checking in and tax refund etc..

We are really happy with his service and glad that we had him as our tour leader.

Please help us to convey our appreciation to his company and to 小千 too.

Thanks to you too for your follow up on our well being after the tour. We would definitely go to Namho again for our future package tours. Wishing you and your staff a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thanks and regards
Fannie Tan

* 小千remembers us as the 七个人的家庭.

From : Linda Lee Sioh Gek, Go Soo Por & George Go
Sent : Monday, October 08 2018 07:12 PM
Subject : South Korea (29 Sept - 06 Oct 2018) T/G: Mr. Steven Lee Zheng Jun & T/L: Ms. Sunnie

Hi Sunnie from Nam Ho,

Thank you for all the arrangements for our trip to South Korea from 29/8/18 - 6/10/18. Most are elderly folks from our group and I would like to express our BIG THANK YOU and appreciation to Korean tour guide, Steven Lee Zheng Jun who had been very helpful and caring towards all of us.

Without him on this trip, this holiday would not have been so enjoyable. Every evening he would make round personally to check on us after check- in to different hotel to find out whether we need help. He followed all of us closely throughout the entire tour, he even help to push and encourage one of the elderly on wheel chair who had difficulties in walking on our way to Everland theme park. In the coach, he would tell us history of places we were visiting, create jokes and sing sentimental songs. He is cheerful and it brighten our holidays. We find him a responsible guide when even on some days we were supposed to be free and easy, he was still very caring and followed the old folks throughout. All of us in this trip agreed that without him around, it would not have been such a happy and wonderful trip. We hope Nam Ho will continue to engage good tour guides like Steven.
Kindly inform your management.

From:Linda Lee Sioh Gek, Go Soo Por & George Go

From : Ms. Yeoh Yao Rong
Sent : Saturday, October 06 2018 06:40 PM
Subject : 6D Beijing/Gubei Water Town/Tianjin Tour (18 - 23 Sept 2018) T/G: 王慧娟



I recently returned from a trip on 18 Sept 2018 to 23 Sept 2018 to Beijing (Booking No. T0253095). I was assigned to travel guide 王慧娟 from 众和国旅.
We wish to extend our appreciation for the excellent service. She was friendly, helpful and courteous. During my visit, she has assist me in various way whenever possible.
She also was patient, and i learnt lots of China history from her.
Thank you


Best Regards,
Yeoh Yao Rong

From : Anna Chua
Sent : Sunday, September 09 2018 12:43 AM
Subject : 8D Inspiring Korea

I am very glad to have decided to sign up for this trip. I will surely recommend this to my friends who are interested to visit Korea. Mr Nathan Cui our tour guide had made the trip a memorable one. He takes great care of the group especially the elderly and the children. Information shared during the trip was adequate, not overly that kills our interest and not too less to leave us with question marks. :)  His efforts in switching some schedules to cater to our timing / weather is much appreciated. Even though we had been changing hotels from the different places, even the elderly didn't feel stressful or hassle. 


Thanks Nam Ho and Mr Nathan Cui                                                                 

Warmest regards
Anna Chua

From : Andrew KEK
Sent : Monday, August 20 2018 08:42 AM
Subject : South Korea Tour Package


We would like to thank Nam Ho Travel Agency for our very fun and memorable South Korea Tour. We truely enjoyed the trip and it was one of the best travel we ever had. We’ve been to many different places successfully with the help of our tour guide Mr. Max Ma and we must say, his service was excellent. Everything was well organised. We were also surprised that the food was great. He accommodated all our requests on the trip just to make everyone happy. It was really thoughtful of him to make sure that we have enjoyed our trip, and to have sufficient rest for the following day. He also took good care of everyone, including some of the elderly, during this trip. Overall, we really had a good time in South Korea and we will for sure recommend him to our friends and relatives. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable if not for Mr. Max Ma.