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From : Linda Lee Sioh Gek, Go Soo Por & George Go
Sent : Monday, October 08 2018 07:12 PM
Subject : South Korea (29 Sept - 06 Oct 2018) T/G: Mr. Steven Lee Zheng Jun & T/L: Ms. Sunnie

Hi Sunnie from Nam Ho,

Thank you for all the arrangements for our trip to South Korea from 29/8/18 - 6/10/18. Most are elderly folks from our group and I would like to express our BIG THANK YOU and appreciation to Korean tour guide, Steven Lee Zheng Jun who had been very helpful and caring towards all of us.

Without him on this trip, this holiday would not have been so enjoyable. Every evening he would make round personally to check on us after check- in to different hotel to find out whether we need help. He followed all of us closely throughout the entire tour, he even help to push and encourage one of the elderly on wheel chair who had difficulties in walking on our way to Everland theme park. In the coach, he would tell us history of places we were visiting, create jokes and sing sentimental songs. He is cheerful and it brighten our holidays. We find him a responsible guide when even on some days we were supposed to be free and easy, he was still very caring and followed the old folks throughout. All of us in this trip agreed that without him around, it would not have been such a happy and wonderful trip. We hope Nam Ho will continue to engage good tour guides like Steven.
Kindly inform your management.

From:Linda Lee Sioh Gek, Go Soo Por & George Go

From : Ms. Yeoh Yao Rong
Sent : Saturday, October 06 2018 06:40 PM
Subject : 6D Beijing/Gubei Water Town/Tianjin Tour (18 - 23 Sept 2018) T/G: 王慧娟



I recently returned from a trip on 18 Sept 2018 to 23 Sept 2018 to Beijing (Booking No. T0253095). I was assigned to travel guide 王慧娟 from 众和国旅.
We wish to extend our appreciation for the excellent service. She was friendly, helpful and courteous. During my visit, she has assist me in various way whenever possible.
She also was patient, and i learnt lots of China history from her.
Thank you


Best Regards,
Yeoh Yao Rong

From : Andrew KEK
Sent : Monday, August 20 2018 08:42 AM
Subject : South Korea Tour Package


We would like to thank Nam Ho Travel Agency for our very fun and memorable South Korea Tour. We truely enjoyed the trip and it was one of the best travel we ever had. We’ve been to many different places successfully with the help of our tour guide Mr. Max Ma and we must say, his service was excellent. Everything was well organised. We were also surprised that the food was great. He accommodated all our requests on the trip just to make everyone happy. It was really thoughtful of him to make sure that we have enjoyed our trip, and to have sufficient rest for the following day. He also took good care of everyone, including some of the elderly, during this trip. Overall, we really had a good time in South Korea and we will for sure recommend him to our friends and relatives. It wouldn’t be as enjoyable if not for Mr. Max Ma.

From : Jerica Ang, Shannen Ang and Mdm Lily Koh
Sent : Wednesday, June 27 2018 10:14 AM
Subject : 7D Beautiful Shirakawa-go + Takayama (01 - 07 Jun 2018) T/G: Ms. Lili & T/L: Mr. Kovan

We would like to compliment Mr Kovan Naa for his professionalism and positive attitude in terms of sales servicing and as a tour leader.


In Jun 2016, Mr Kovan was our tour leader for a Japan Hokkaido trip where he took effort to ensure all went smooth for us during our trip. He was always up early and greeting us for breakfast and is caring towards the senior folks.


In 2017 and current 2018, when my family decided to purchase a tour package to visit Korea and central Japan, we had many questions on the different types of itinerary available. Mr Kovan patiently explained to us the differences of the packages and also shared his travelling experience and good travelling tips to places he had visited to guide us on a more suitable package for my family. He also answered to our queries during his off days.


We would also like to compliment Ms Lili from TAS for our recent central Japan trip from 1 to 7 Jun 2018. She will prompt us if a particular place of interest requires long walking or climbing to get us prepared and always ensure that we have sufficient toilet breaks. She also took care of the senior folks and will find a resting place for them to wait if they are too tired to walk further.


As we have 2 free and easy days, Ms Lili made a conscientious effort to find out from us where we intend to visit and assisted us by telling us the trains to take and even got a train map for our reference. She will also suggest some places for our consideration. Throughout the journey, she was pleasant and ensured we had a smooth journey.


We sincerely thank both Mr Kovan and Ms Lili for their professionalism and for being such friendly and approachable people. Please help us to extend our gratitude to them and thank you Nam Ho for the pleasant travelling experience!


Jerica Ang, Shannen Ang and Mdm Lily Koh

From : Chng Meng Choon (Mr)
Sent : Saturday, June 16 2018 04:08 PM
Subject : Commendation for Nam Ho Tour Executive - Mr. Kovan Naa

I would like to compliment Mr Kovan Naa for his professionalism in term of sales servicing and post sales servicing.


In my recent trip to Korea (6 Jun to 13 Jun), I purchased some supplement and there was side effect syndrome after consumed. On 16 Jun I contacted Kovan in early morning to seek his help to get seller contact information as I need to clarify with the seller urgently.

On that afternoon I received call from seller (From Korea) to answer my doubt.



Chng Meng Choon (Mr)

From : Weifen
Sent : Thursday, June 14 2018 09:29 AM
Subject : Commendation for Nam Ho Tour Executive - Mr. Lance Leong

I am writing this to commend one of your tour executive, Mr. Lance Leong for his expertise in providing us on our trip to Melbourne last year as well as the recent Korea tour.


Mr Lance Leong is friendly, helpful and approachable.

Even when I contact him during his off-days, he will quick respond to my queries and advice on the most suitable travel dates and tours that are available for our busy schedules and requirements.
He also shared with us his past travel experience, what to take note during the tour, where to look for nice food and places of interests.


Hence, we would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to Mr Lance Leong and Nam Ho Travel for the great services.

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely,

From : Png Li Xin
Sent : Monday, June 11 2018 10:23 AM
Subject : 8D Inspiring Korea - 25th May to 02 Jun 2018 (TG: Nathan Cui)

I am writing this email to compliment Tour Guide Mr Nathan Choi (崔宰赫) for his service during the 8 days trip to Korea (26/05/2018 – 2/06/2018). I went on this trip with a large group of relatives (Png family, Lim family and Toh family) and everyone in the family is extremely impressed with Mr Nathan Choi’s extraordinary service.


Throughout the trip, Mr Nathan Choi displayed professional service and was sincere, friendly and helpful. During boarding and alighting of the bus, he would always assist the young and elderly. During our mealtimes, we would ensure that everyone is well-seated and have enough to eat before settling for his own meal. He would even assist to refill the side dishes and offer more food to ensure everyone is well-fed. Mr Nathan displays thoughtfulness as he takes initiative to arrange our flight seating arrangement so we get to sit with our own families. On the day to Myeong Dong, when we requested for more time to shop, Mr Nathan readily agreed even though this means he need to work overtime. He would also assist to book cabs for us if we wish to go out at the night and ensure that everyone is safe in the hotel before retiring for the night.


Mr Nathan’s willingness to go the extra mile and his sincere, heartfelt service made our trip to Korea so much more memorable. Please kindly extend our appreciation. Thank you Mr Nathan and Nam Ho.


Best regards,
Png Li xin

From : Judy Song, Lim & Song Sisters
Sent : Monday, May 28 2018 09:29 AM
Subject : Korea Trip - 16th May to 23th May 2018

Hi, Good Morning.


Me, and my sisters (Song Family & Lim Chai Seng).

We like to thanks Nam Ho for this wonderful trip in Korea.

Firstly I would like to thanks Ms. Joyce Ma for being our tour guide.

She is really a good, I would said she is professional tour guide to us for being so helpful to serve us.

Not only this she also being so patient especially  for the  senior citizen  group of us. (noisy and talkative during the journey)

She is so patient and lovely that I had being enjoy with her on this Korea trip

We wish her to be our tour guide for our next  trip to korea.

Here I wish her healthy and happy forever.


Best Regards
Judy Song, Lim & Song Sisters

From : Angie Ng
Sent : Wednesday, May 16 2018 04:14 PM
Subject : 8D Inspiring Korea (5 - 12 May 2018)

First time with Nam Ho Travel, was impressed by the itinerary, price (especially for single traveller), quality of the hotels, food and tour guide service.

I would like to compliment our Korean local tour guide Mr. Park Zheng Hun 朴正训 from Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service Co Ltd.
Without any Nam Ho tour leader, Mr. Park single-handedly guided us through the 7 days, taking very good care of us. 

As our first day coincide with Korea children's day holiday, the traffic condition was bad. He took the initiative to reschedule the routes to minimise our discomfort after an overnight flight.

Every meals he would ensured we are comfortably seated and continuously replenish our food. At times we were wondering did he skip his meal or he just unzipped his stomach and pour the food in. Ha ha ha just joking.

Every change of hotels he would go around to make sure that we are satisfied with our rooms and everything is in place. He even help us to order the famous k-drama supper, waited more than an hour for the delivery at the lobby, called our rooms when the delivery arrived before he go back on his own. It was so good that we requested 2 days supper delivery. :p

At Everland, he brought us around to show and recommend the different places to have meals and nice photos, help us in ordering the food, bring the group to the animal safari, where our group feedback is good. As I am a thrill ride fan, he help to check the queue duration for various rides via his phone apps and there I go to the Thrills.

As meal is not included on the last day and would be difficult for our group to settle our own food, he took the initiative to suggest switch one of our package included meal to the last day. And we can pamper ourself with choices of restaurant and local street delicacies at Myeongdong.

At Myeongdong, he brought us around to show and recommend the different places to have meals and shop, giving us a lot of helpful advice such as where to look for what products and the types of tax refund schemes.

Sharing his personal experience and benefits with ginseng and Hoganbo, I can't wait and looking forward to start my course as soon as possible.

On the way to the airport, he helped to sort out all our tax refund invoices and went through the  tax refund process with us at the airport so that we could claim back our tax refunds fast & smooth.

He also took the effort to re-arrange our seats on board so that families can sit together.

His warmth and hospitality made this trip a most memorable one and full of pleasant memories. 감사합니다 Park Zheng Hun 씨, 화이팅

Thank you Nam Ho for engaging a good overseas business partners providing good services. Looking forward for another travel with Namho again soon.

Please direct this compliment feedback to Mr. Park Zheng Hun and his company Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service Co Ltd.

From : Chris Chow
Sent : Saturday, May 12 2018 02:52 PM
Subject : 8D Inspiring Korea (4-11May 2018)

I would not hesitate to recommend Nam Ho Travel and the local tour guide Mr Park Zheng Hun.  We are first time visitors to Korea and it has left us with a very favourable impression.   

Mr Park took very good care of all of us throughout the tour.  He made an effort to check our rooms whenever we checked into a new hotel to ensure that everything is in place.  He also took care of us during meal times ensuring that we were well fed.  I am sure some of us piled on some extra kilos after the trip.  Just kidding. When we were at Myeondong, he brought us around to show and recommend the different places to have meals and shop, giving us a lot of helpful advice such as where to look for what products and the types of tax refund schemes.  It was a thoughtful gesture.  At Everland, he brought us to the animal safari, which is not to be missed.  We had the opportunity to see the animals in their natural setting.  The bears' antics, though not their natural behaviour, were entertaining and all of us have so much fun and were amused by them.  Prior to visiting the various attractions, he will provide interesting nuggets of information for our benefit.  Travelling to the destination can be monotonous but he will exchange light hearted banter with the group but at the same time, he also respect that some may want to snooze.

He also helped the seniors with their luggage and was always patient in answering their questions or doubts.  We would also like to specially mention his efforts in helping us to go through the tax refund process at the airport, which we were not very familiar.

We truly appreciate our tour guide as well as our drivers and wish to reciprocate the warmth and hospitality that we received, which made this trip a most memorable one and full of pleasant memories.  Kudos to them!

We wish them well!

Warm Regards
Chris Chow