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From : Tan Geok Yan
Sent : Tuesday, February 27 2018 10:26 AM
Subject : KR8IPJ 15 - 21 Feb 2018

I would like to compliment our Korean tour guide Mr. Jin Yin Xiang from Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service.

Without tour leader, he single-handedly guided us  thru' the 7 days. First day traffic conditions to DAEGU was bad, he took the initiative to reschedule so that we could have our lunch on time. Every meals he would ensured we are comfortably seated and replenished us with dishes before taking his own. Every change of hotels he would go around to make sure that we are satisfied with our rooms. After his working hours, he arranged & lead us to the casino (upon our request) , confirmed our transfer back to the hotel with the casino before going back on his own. At the Ginseng, cosmetic shops he also did not pressure us to buy. Appreciated his patience whenever tour-mates were late for our meet-up timings.

He also took the trouble to sort out all our purchase invoices for the refund taxes before reaching airport so that we could claim back our tax refunds fast & smooth, also arranging our seats on board so that we could be seated together with our family.

I believed that to have a good overseas business partners providing good services, Nam Ho must be trustworthy in the travel industry. This makes me & friends loyal travelers with you over the past 20 years !


Yours faithfully
Tan Geok Yan

From : Mr. Lim Hock Lai
Sent : Monday, January 01 2018 07:51 PM
Subject : KR8WW 23 - 30 Dec

To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this email to compliment Ms Jeslyn Lim and Joyce (Tour Guide) for their service during the 8 days (23/12/17 - 30/12/17) trip to Korea. Both of them have fulfilled  their duty as a Tour leader and Tour Guide. Throughout the trip, I observed Jeslyn always standing beside the bus door to ensure that we alighted the bus safely, she always walked behind the group to ensure no one is left behind. During our meal times, she always walked around our tables to ensure we are well seated and well served before taking her own meal. Every time, she was the last person boarding to the bus and she will do a head count before letting the bus heading to another destination. Whenever there is a need to help, she always be there to help with her smiling face.

As for the Tour Guide Joyce, I understand that she has more responsibility because she has to ensure itinerary are well followed without any interruption / delay. I could see anxiety on her face whenever certain group did not turn up by the time given to us. Time to her is precious, sometime due to unexpected circumstances like bad weather, traffic jam etc, she could managed them well by minimizing the interruption to our itinerary. She always tell us the weather forecast for the next day so that we could have enough preparation which I think it is good for us. Also, along the journey, she will tell us what to / not to expect before reaching to our destination. She also will reminding us what items are good bargain and what items are overpriced. To me, she is responsible and experienced Tour Guide.

There is one thing that was impressed me which I wanted to share with you, both Jeslyn and Joyce were going  to extra miles by helping  a young couple with baby carry their luggage every morning from their hotel room, from the bus before check-in by their own initiative. Both of them were co-operate with each other so that the young couple able to take care their baby without worrying about their luggage. Also, during the flight to / from Jeju and back to Singapore,  they were trying their best by helping us to rearrange the seats so that family member could sit together / close to each other. I knew that this is not an easy job. Again, it is very touching!

Last but not least, I am really impressed by the service rendered by Jeslyn and Joyce, I will be shocked if there is any adverse feedback on them. I really happy that Nam Ho to have such wonderful Tour leader and Tour Guide. For my future trip, Of course Nam Ho will be my first choice. Thank you

Best Regards,
Mr. Lim Hock Lai

From : Roy Lim
Sent : Thursday, December 28 2017 09:52 AM
Subject : 8D Enchanting Korea (11 - 18 Dec 2017)

Joined Namho tour package to South Korea from 11 Dec to 18 Dec17· food n accomodation were excellent. Our Korean tour guide 小金(Joey) is very knowledgable.

He shared his knowledge on korea history and current affairs with us. 小金 is also very diligent. He checked all our room every night to ensure the heater, kettle n toilet flush working. He will ensure we were comfortable at the resturant n helped us replenished food before he sat down to have his meals. He always put us before him.
I would also want to compliment tour leader Enabelle who is very helpful. We have 18 pax n Enabelle managed to arrange for us to stay on same floor n even sit together in the plane. Front desk Grace is helpful too when we booked our package with her. Thank you NamHo . Will definitely be back!

From : Jas
Sent : Wednesday, December 27 2017 10:00 AM
Subject : Bangkok Khao Yai (20 - 24 Dec)

I recently returned from my thailand trip ( Khao Yai / Bangkok ) with Namho ( 20 Dec - 24 Dec ). I would like to write in to commend on great effort put in
my tour leader , Mr Robin.

I have to say that the travel experience with them was pretty pleasant. And much of it got to do with the tour leader who was friendly and dedicated to his job.

I followed his tour group on a trip to Bangkok and it was pretty unforgettable. I particularly enjoyed his explanation of various landmarks and best of all; he even delved into details of the culture and way of life in their society. I thoroughly enjoyed the informative bits; he even went on to talk about their educational system! I thought it made the trip a lot more enjoyable and it made the bus ride to various locations less mundane.

He is very approachable, helpful and highly knowledgeable in the various tour sites and take time to get to know different family groups on the tour. 

We have been to many other tour groups before and while many are able to manage the group few are able to make the whole group feel as one family.  Robin great personality makes a big difference here where he entertains as well as looks after each tour member personally. 

Thanks to Namho for having a great tour leader and the enjoyable trip.



From : Garry Chia [West Coast Green RC]
Sent : Wednesday, December 27 2017 02:51 PM
Subject : 2D1N Batam - Liu Yanping & Karen Tan

On behalf of West Coast Green RC, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciatation to make our 2D1N Batam Retreat a success. My members had enjoyed themselves very much.


I would also like to take this opportunity to complement both your staff Liu Yanping & Karen Tan.


Liu Yanping has been very patience, corporative and adhere to all our request. She responded to our emails or messages in the shortest time possible. She had also listen to our request patiently and try her best to accommodate to the best interest of both Nam Ho and West Coast Green RC.


Karen Tan had done a fantastic job as a tour leader. She had ensured our group had been taken care of from the start to the end of the tour. There is a member who had difficulty in getting on and off the bus due to old age leg problem, she will always be there to standby to extend her assistance in ensuring that member alight and board the bus safely.


Lastly, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience that had brought to Nam Ho Travel.

Once again, thank you Nam Ho Travel! Nam Ho Travel is definitely my preferred travel agency.




Garry Chia

From : Derek Chong and family
Sent : Tuesday, December 26 2017 12:00 AM
Subject : Super and A ++ Tour Guide Mr Jerry Zhang Song He 張松鹤

Please convey our compliments and appreciation to Mr Jerry Zhang Song who took great care of our group to Korea from 15 Dec to 22 Dec 2017.


Jerry is your dream guide who could really exceed your expectations.


He was extremely professional. He handled the group with extreme good care. Both the young and the old’s various needs were well taken through out the trip.


Jerry was meticulous in his planning. Even faced with flight delays and difficult weather, he would  re-schedule and organize the iteniary so that we would not miss out any of our tour attractions.


Jerry was humorous and knowledgeable. His knowledge includes both current affairs, history and geography, etc. He entertained us with many anecdotes which made the tour journey extremely interesting and a great learning experience.  He made us wonder and amazed of his breath of knowledge.


Jerry was very helpful and attentive to details. Knowing that Singaporeans preferred to be served rather than self served, he would make sure that we had enough food and side dishes and sauces and took family photos before he could leave us to enjoy our meals and his own meals.


Putting the interests of guests above himself, Jerry NEVER push or force us to buy the ginseng, beauty and other products. He would give us general information of the products and leave us to decide whether to buy or not.


Jerry was generous and would even forked out his own money to treat us to the local food, for example, Korean Soju. In another instance, he also attended to a tour member who had injured during skiing. With true concern, he bought necessary medical adhesive pads and massage the tour member’s sprained arms.

With Jerry’s impeccable service, he has really changed our impressions of a tour guide and package tour.

Please also help us to thank our drivers in the trips. They were helpful and professional. The last 3 days’ driver deserved a special commendation too. He would greet us every time we went up the coach and thanked us when we returned his greetings. He drove with extreme care for elderly passengers.


Warmest regards

Derek Chong and family

From : Poh Ching & family
Sent : Tuesday, December 26 2017 12:00 AM
Subject : Compliment - Mr Zhang Song He Jerry

We wish to comment on our Korea Tour Guide - Mr Zhang Song He Jerry, who took care of our Korea tour group from 15/12/2017 to 22/12/2017.


Jerry is extremely attentive and formed a good bond with us. His service was beyond our expectation.

He checked the hotel rooms and make sure that we stayed in rooms with good condition.

He arranged the flight seats so that we sit together with our family members.

He served us during lunch and dinner.

He shared his experience and knowledge with us during the travelling time and we are so entertained by his humorous and entertaining talk.

During the ski trip , he managed to provide  ski goggles for tour members who missed out the rental of ski googles.
He attended and showed concern to one of our tour member who was injured during the ski.

We feel so enjoyable and he had made our holiday a most unforgettable one!

Please direct this compliment feedback to his company – TOC New Tae Chang international Travel service Co., Ltd.

Thank you.

From : Toh Lay Mui (Limei)
Sent : Saturday, December 23 2017 10:51 AM
Subject : Korea Winter Wonderland (7 - 14 Dec 2017)

My family joined the 8 days Korea winter wonderland from 7th to 14th Dec 2017, and would like to compliment our Korean guide, Mr Quan Qi Lin ( Ah Quan) from Shin Hwa Jeong Travel and not forgetting our driver who drove us around Seoul. They were caring and helpful especially towards my Mother by assisting her to board and alight from the bus, expressing his concern to her, doing his upmost to make sure she was well taken care of. He would make sure that all our group members have our meals comfortably before having his. He was ever ready to answer all our queries. Thumbs up, Ah Quan. We were also blessed to have nice and helpful group members.


Toh Lay mui (Limei)

From : Ng Pui Leng
Sent : Wednesday, December 20 2017 11:17 AM
Subject : Compliment to Korea Tour Guide - Mr Park Jeong Hun

Hope this email finds you well. This is our second visit to Nam Ho Travel, We wish to comment on Nam Ho's professional services rendered. Especially to our superb Korea Tour Guide - Mr Park Jeong Hun, who took care of our Korea tour group from 1/12/2017 to 7/12/2017, his great service & a charming personality to guide us through our Korea trip are praise-worthy. 

We are extremely happy & satisfied with the itinerary and accommodations arranged by Mr Park.
Thumbs up for Mr Park Jeong Hun - Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service Co Ltd @ Korea.
Our tour guide - Mr Park is extremely attentive and formed a good bond with us. He worked above and beyond any requirements. We thank him and appreciate his help when my sons fell sick during the trip, he attended to us immediately (He purchased a medicine and delivered it to our room within 10 mins, and helped us to consult the doctor there with his translation) and he also constantly checked on my sons condition throughout the journey. He is a very good Tour guide, and a very good person. We had a wonderful bonding with him and would definitely recommend him to our relatives and friends.

Lastly, he is a well organized and thoughtful person. He will rearrange our messed-up group seats and placed us to sit together with our family member on our flight to Jeju, as well as our departure from Korea.

Please direct this compliment feedback to his company so that they are aware of the good tour guide. Last but not least, We will definitely join Nam Ho Travel for future tour trips.

Thank you.

Foo's family

From : Jocelyn Tan
Sent : Wednesday, December 20 2017 02:45 PM
Subject : 感謝當地的TAS導遊先生Daniel

我是在12/8-12/15去北海道的,我想要感謝當地的TAS導遊先生Daniel ,虽然schedule 是稍微有点改了但是我还是玩了很开心。还有其中一个行程发生了一点状况而且是他帮我们解决的,我真的要感谢他。如果还有机会再去日本的话我希望他能在当我的导游。