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8D Inspiring Korea

Busan + Jeju Island



Guam Farm  


Chengdo Wine Tunnel

Seokguram Grotto

Bulguksa Temple

Oryukdo Skywalk

Spa Land Centum City

Gamcheon Santorini Village

Jagalchi Seafood Market

Nampodong Street

Yongduam dragon head-rock

Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Horse Riding

Jeju Folk Village

Play K-pop Museum

Trick Eye Museum

Ice Gallery

Hero Drawing Show

Dongdaemun Market

Gyeongbock Palace

N Seoul Tower

Grevin Wax Museum

Myeondong Shopping Street  


The Company reserves the right to alter itinerary without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour and price are subjected to changes.*

Full Package includes air tickets, hotel accommodations, meals and sightseeings are specific in itinerary.
Land Package includes hotel accommodations, meals and sightseeings are specific in itinerary.

Single: 1 adult in a single room
Twin: 2 adults sharing a twin room
Triple: 3 adults sharing a twin room

Child with Bed: 1 child sharing a twin room with 2 adults
Child w/o Bed: 1 child without bed sharing a twin room with 2 adults
Child Half Twin: 1 child and 1 adult sharing a twin room
Important Notice:
  • All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollar.
  • Prices do NOT include airport taxes and application of VISA fees.
  • All rates are subject to limited availability and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Peak season charges and all other relevant surcharges are not included. (Our tour consultant will advise to you accordingly if there is any)
  • All booking must be made at least 7 working days in advance before departure or expiry of sales period whichever is earlier.
  • All the groups are subjected to confirmation. (Our tour consultant will advise to you after you have booked)
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Child with Bed: 1 Child Sharing Twin Room with 2 adults with extra bed
Child without Bed: 1 Child sharing twin room with 2 adults without extra bed
Child Half Twin: 1 Child sharing Twin room with 1 adult


I am writing this email to compliment Tour Guide Mr Nathan Choi (崔宰赫) for his service during the 8 days trip to Korea (26/05/2018 – 2/06/2018). I went on this trip with a large group of relatives (Png family, Lim family and Toh family) and everyone in the family is extremely impressed with Mr Nathan Choi’s extraordinary service. Throughout the trip, Mr Nathan Choi displayed professional service and was sincere, friendly and helpful. During boarding and alighting of the bus, he would always assist the young and elderly. During our mealtimes, we would ensure that everyone is well-seated and have enough to eat before settling for his own meal. He would even assist to refill the side dishes and offer more food to ensure everyone is well-fed. Mr Nathan displays thoughtfulness as he takes initiative to arrange our flight seating arrangement so we get to sit with our own families. On the day to Myeong Dong, when we requested for more time to shop, Mr Nathan readily agreed even though this means he need to work overtime. He would also assist to book cabs for us if we wish to go out at the night and ensure that everyone is safe in the hotel before retiring for the night. Mr Nathan’s willingness to go the extra mile and his sincere, heartfelt service made our trip to Korea so much more memorable. Please kindly extend our appreciation. Thank you Mr Nathan and Nam Ho.
2018-06-11 10:50:40    By Png Li Xin
I would not hesitate to recommend Nam Ho Travel and the local tour guide Mr Park Zheng Hun. We are first time visitors to Korea and it has left us with a very favourable impression. Mr Park took very good care of all of us throughout the tour. He made an effort to check our rooms whenever we checked into a new hotel to ensure that everything is in place. He also took care of us during meal times ensuring that we were well fed. I am sure some of us piled on some extra kilos after the trip. Just kidding. When we were at Myeondong, he brought us around to show and recommend the different places to have meals and shop, giving us a lot of helpful advice such as where to look for what products and the types of tax refund schemes. It was a thoughtful gesture. At Everland, he brought us to the animal safari, which is not to be missed. We had the opportunity to see the animals in their natural setting. The bears' antics, though not their natural behaviour, were entertaining and all of us have so much fun and were amused by them. Prior to visiting the various attractions, he will provide interesting nuggets of information for our benefit. Travelling to the destination can be monotonous but he will exchange light hearted banter with the group but at the same time, he also respect that some may want to snooze. He also helped the seniors with their luggage and was always patient in answering their questions or doubts. We would also like to specially mention his efforts in helping us to go through the tax refund process at the airport, which we were not very familiar. We truly appreciate our tour guide as well as our drivers and wish to reciprocate the warmth and hospitality that we received, which made this trip a most memorable one and full of pleasant memories. Kudos to them! We wish them well! Warm Regards Chris Chow
2018-05-14 06:57:10    By Chris Chow
I would like to compliment our Korean tour guide Mr. Jin Yin Xiang from Shin Hwa Jeong Travel Service. Without tour leader, he single-handedly guided us thru' the 7 days. First day traffic conditions to DAEGU was bad, he took the initiative to reschedule so that we could have our lunch on time. Every meals he would ensured we are comfortably seated and replenished us with dishes before taking his own. Every change of hotels he would go around to make sure that we are satisfied with our rooms. After his working hours, he arranged & lead us to the casino (upon our request) , confirmed our transfer back to the hotel with the casino before going back on his own. At the Ginseng, cosmetic shops he also did not pressure us to buy. Appreciated his patience whenever tour-mates were late for our meet-up timings. He also took the trouble to sort out all our purchase invoices for the refund taxes before reaching airport so that we could claim back our tax refunds fast & smooth, also arranging our seats on board so that we could be seated together with our family. I believed that to have a good overseas business partners providing good services, Nam Ho must be trustworthy in the travel industry. This makes me & friends loyal travelers with you over the past 20 years !
2018-02-28 06:32:51    By Tan Geok Yan